does russian women dating work?

……… Hi, here you have our, me, Gordon, and my wife Irina, love story. It all started on one russian women dating site and I am ready to share it with you.

So I had just broken up with my girlfriend and had recently moved to Perth from Melbourne to live with my parents. I didn’t know anybody in the area, so I decided to go to some dating service or matchmakers’ agency and place an ad to meet people. I did not even have a thought about dating somebody from abroad, I started locally. But when I came across LuckyLovers in my searches, I put an ad there too along with other sites. It all went well, I met several women from Perth and that broken relationships were slowly moving to the past. Usually I described myself as ironic and weird. About a month later, I received a response from Ir4ik82 on this russian dating site, I almost forgot about… with just a simple two-line letter “hi there, I’m ironic and weird too so what a great luck we are so far away from each other”. We started writing to each other back and forth for more than two months while the life was going on here.

So while the time passed, we started missing each other and left messages more and more often, very friendly and not serious ones back and forth for some time. Then one day we both were online at the same time, we had never chatted before, so we both were happy to “meet’ each other in such a way. We talked and asked and answered usual questions and all was going well till something happened with internet service and we disconnected.
The next day I was checking my messages and there was one from Irina, worrying about where I went to, if I got bored or if she said something wrong? Nothing special about a letter, but I felt something so special inside and wanted to meet her online ASAP…That day I wrote her a message where I asked her to arrange meeting to continue our chat. As soon as we met again, I got her phone number and called. Her voice was so sweet and gentle and I felt like I was melting and wanted to listen to her more and more.
We talked and talked and I felt that we both were starting to fall for each other. My mom and dad were against me being so involved into that kind of relationships. They repeated constantly that online romances were just games…it did not bother me much at that moment though. There were times I lived from chat to chat.
I saw her pictures and I found her so pretty that just could not wait to see her in reality. But I had so many old memories of loves that fell apart that I was really afraid this would be just one more. But I gathered my courage and I told her I’ve got plane tickets to fly to Belarus where she lived. She was so excited that all my fears gone. We met in Grodno and I saw her eyes for the first time. All went well and after numerous pains and aches she lives finally with me here in Australia.
What I can say, that is I’m a happy man. I have the most precious thing a person could wish – I have my lovely wife - my Irina!!!
Gordon and Irina


sweet story, huh?!