Russian woman got upset with her boyfriend

A Russian woman got so upset when her boyfriend tried to leave her, she got him drunk and blew up his penis with firecrackers.

Kira V. had lived with her boyfriend, Alik for about 2 years when she started asking him about marriage. Alik, who had already been married before refused to consider marrying a second time and told her he would rather go back to his ex wife and child than marry someone else.

When Alik started moving his things out of the home they shares, Kira convinced him to stay for a ‘farewell dinner.’ The two dined together and got to drinking heavily. Alik finally passed out from drinking excessively. That’s when Kira attached firecrackers to his penis and blew them up.

Alik was rushed to the hospital in critical condition from the blast and remains in intensive care where doctors are fighting to save his life.

Kira has been taken into custody by police and even if the man survives, she could face up to 12 years in prison.