What Russian women don’t like in western men?

For some guys, it seems that making contact with a woman online means that it’s time to get their joystick out, photograph it and send it to her. And majority of Russian women do not like to talk about sex with strangers, if you exchanged a few emails, you are still a stranger to her, she might talk to you about sex, but ask your question nicely and step back the moment you sense her negative reaction, do not push it, do not get all offensive, do not be rude. One thing to remember, if she does not want to talk about sex, or have virtual sex with you, it does not mean, she does not like sex, she simply thinks it is too private and too intimate to talk about it after a few online dates. You will have your “pillow talks”, but later, once she is comfortable with you.

Women spend time writing profiles about interests, likes, dislikes and they expect others to read them! If she has stated in her profile, she is looking for someone between 45 and 55 y.o. and you are 58 and very truly interested and tell her politely that you are aware of her age criteria, but could not help wondering if it is possible for her to look at your profile, even though you are a couple years older - she might and might even write you back. But if she is 25 and looking for a guy up to 35 and he is 70 and plans on bombing her with fixed messages and own letters? What will she think, I might better not even go there! Read profiles please, respect others and they will respect you.

If you are seriously interested in a girl, come and visit her soon, women think that after a few months of daily emails, chats, phone calls and finally “I love you” phrase, man should pack his bags and come to see her. We all know, life can be very difficult sometimes, and everyone has jobs and responsibilities, it is quite expensive to travel somewhere far, especially overseas, but when you joined the site and checked the box “marriage” in your profile, you probably already thought about it. If you know you are not able to go and meet your dates, do yourself a favor, check the box “friendship”, meet new friends and play it by ear, otherwise majority of women will think you are a player, some sweet kind soul might wait a year or two for you to eventually make up your mind, but she will end up marrying somebody else and you will still be Single!