russian women names

As with most Western cultures, a russian women have names chosen by the parents. First names in Russia mostly originate from two sources: Orthodox church tradition and native pre-Christian pagan lexicons.

Common russian women names

Anna or Hanna, equivalent to Ann, of Hebrew origin

Yelena or Olena, equivalent to Helen, of Greek origin

Natalya, equivalent to Natalie, of Latin origin

Mariya, equivalent to Mary, of Hebrew origin

Olga or Olha, a pre-Christian name derived from Helga

Aleksandra or Oleksandra, equivalent to Alexandra, of Greek origin

Kseniya or Oksana, Oksana is the most common Ukrainian women name, Kseniya is from Greek Xenia)

Yekaterina or Kateryna, equivalent to Catherine, of Greek origin

Tatyana or Tetyana, of Latin origin

Anastasiya, of Greek origin

Svetlana or Svitlana, meaning "Shining One"

Yulia, equivalent to Julia or Julie, of Latin origin

Vera or Vira, this name means "Faith", calque from Greek Πίστη

Nadezhda or Nadiya, this name means "Hope", calque from Greek Ελπίς

Lyubov, this name means "Love", calque from Greek Αγάπη

Sofiya, equivalent to Sophia, of Greek origin


RUSSIAN WOMEN Do They Make Good Wives?

I discovered this article by accident. I am not the author of this article!

"... There are a number of agencies that will provide almost any American man
with a female in Russia who wants to come to America.

After a few letters and telephone conversations one is usually ready to
bring the Russian lady to America. If all is OK, one often gets
married within a month or two of the arrival of the lady in America (or
a day or two). The cost of a round trip ticket (it is necessary to buy
a round trip ticket) varies from about $1200 to $2500. The agency fee
is in addition to this and can be as high as $5000, but is often as low
as $500.

The various agencies are the fastest, but also the most
expensive. There are also simply writing clubs where by you can write
to any number of a list of ladies. You could also put your own ad in a
Russian Newspaper. There are American advertising agencies that know
how to do this. If you go to Russia you will be able to find a wife in
a week or two as there are thousands of women who want to come to
America. So I won't say much more about this end of it, since this
letter is about Russian women.

I married two Russian women: We have only had free movement between
Russia and America for about 5 years or so, so having married two
Russian women was quite a trick, and not something I would do again.

To determine if Russian women will make good wives the first
thing that one should look at is the Russian culture. One might think
that any kind of up bringing can be over come. One often sees people
from the ghettoes doing quite well in life, even when they were in the
ghetto their entire childhood. However, I don't think this is true of
Russian women. I believe that they will never over come their Russian
up bringing. The basic reason for this is simply that they don't want
to over come their up bringing, while those who come from the ghettoes
usually want to change to get the better things in life that they
desire. The Russian women think that the way they are is absolutely
ideal, and it never occurs to them that there are better ways in life.

In 1992 I traveled to Russia where I met my first Russian
wife. I spent several weeks in Moscow and traveled to a number of
other Russian cities. I was invited to many Russian homes to eat and
to stay the night. I was able to see the Russian culture first hand.
They were anxious to show me how they lived. The Russian people now
love Americans more than any other nationality. No matter where I went
I was welcome. In restaurants where there were lines, I was always
taken to the head of the line, if they found out that I was American.
When I had occasion to go to the doctor, I was taken beyond the line to
a private room for treatment (no charge for treatment and medicine).
It was fabulous treatment for an average American who had never been a
celebrity. I thought that maybe Russian wives might like me the same.

When I married my Russian wives it had never occurred to me to
look at the differences in our cultures. Had I looked, I might not
have been so impulsive. So let us look at the important cultural
differences that will affect a marriage directly. In Russia it is
unacceptable to show any kind of affection in public. Lovers do not
hold hands in public. They do not put their arms around one another.
Mothers and Fathers never hug or kiss their children except maybe on
New Year's night. But this is not really the problem, the real problem
is that they are taught never to show affection and emotion.

In Russia there is no such thing as double beds. Husbands and
wives never sleep together. Not even one family out of a thousand has
double beds. All sleep in separate single beds. Russian women have
never even considered sleeping night after night with a husband.

You have no idea how deeply rooted these teachings and customs
have become. Russia is more like another planet than another country.
No other country in the world are people taught to disregard affection
and love like in Russia. For 80 years the communists controlled
Russia. No one was safe. All were taught that they must tattle tale
on one another about anything that was wrong. A wife could tell on her
husband, if he wasn't doing something right. Quite often he would just
never come home (he was shot). To lose a spouse in Russia wasn't the
same as here. The government paid for everything. If the husband
never comes home, so what, the wife still gets paid. Children were
encourage to tattle tale on their parents. If they said something that
was not acceptable to the KGB, the parent simply didn't come home
(again, they were shot).

Love in Russia really became extinct. I know, we say love is a
natural thing and anyone can fall in love. That may be true,
but in a society that does not recognize love as valuable, one soon
learns to take care of himself and to not get too close to anyone. One
must be careful not to get to attached to someone, one day he might not

When the KGB was closed less than 10 years ago, the reporters
were shown into the KGB building. In one large room in that building
was a list of 10 million Russians that had been shot by the KGB. These
people were simply listed as "Enemies of the State." None were given a
trial of any kind. The person at the local KGB office simply said,
"Shoot this guy," and he was shot. It wasn't even a hearing. Someone
tattled on his neighbor for any one of a hundred things and the local
KGB shot him. The idea of course, was to make the society a better
place, but it didn't work that way.

So how does this all affect Russian women. Well they are
trained from birth to not show love and affection. They know that
showing too much love could even result in being shot. To love someone
who doesn't come home one evening can break your heart. Best not to
love much at all. Russian women often talk about love, but
unfortunately and sadly, they do not know what love is. They will
certainly never demonstrate their love with kisses and hugs. They
might for a few days, but never for any period of time. They don't
even like kisses and hugs.

I met many Russian women in Russia. In fact, during my stay
there I constantly had at least two Russian women with me and sometimes
three. They were easy to meet once they knew I was American. They
were anxious to please. They even asked me for sex. The idea behind
all the attention and sex was that they wanted to come to America. The
Russian woman that I finally brought back with me did just that. She
pretended that she just couldn't resist me. She told me she wanted me
and then went with me to my hotel room. Others did the same.

Sex with a Russian woman beyond about the third time is about
like making love to a dead horse. They don't take part except
to lay still and let it happen. I had several Russian women tell me
that they lived with their husbands for 10 years without ever kissing
them. They had the dead horse sex, but they never kissed their
husbands in the process of sex. You may think that could happen in
isolated cases, but I talked to enough Russian women and saw enough of
them to tell you that it is normal. Kissing, you see, is showing
affection and love, and that is not part of a Communist State. Of
course, communism is dead, and the Russians hate communism, but it will
be years before they understand that the fear of love is a communist

Russian men are all macho. They all must be brave. Showing
love for a woman is a weakness. They talk love, but they don't show
it. Many Russian men are so brave (macho) that they don't look both
ways when crossing the street. Looking isn't macho. Thus many get
killed by cars. Of course, the men in the cars are macho too, thus
they pretend they don't see the people on foot. Macho for men is the
thing in Russia. Macho sex is to take the woman by the hand, push her
on the bed, and make love to her, and then go back out and drink
another drink. Women in Russia expect it.

Russian women think it is normal to not show love. Thus you
will not be able to change them. They don't want to change. They
want to remain the same. They know that kissing and hugs and other
demonstrations of love are dangerous things. Of course, they will
demonstrate affection at first. They even do that in Russia in
courtship, to a small extent, but when the one week honey moon is over,
don't expect kisses or hugs. As far as sex is concerned, they like it,
and they want it. You are expected to climb on and do your thing as
often as you like, but don't expect them to take part other than to do
what they are told. If you are like 80% of the American men, that
might be OK, but if you want a woman who shows love and affection
during sex and who sometimes kisses you and even touches you, then
don't try a Russian wife.

Look at Russia now. They are killing one another as I write
this letter. Over 110,000,000 Russians have been killed by
Russians in the last 80 years. Can you see how a country can be devoid
of love. That much killing of one's own country men brings about men
and women who show very little and can have very little love. For 150
years in America we have not killed one another on vast scales like
Russia. The killing and the communist teaching simply changes the way
one looks at and handles love.

Russian ladies are almost all very beautiful. The cold climate
and the wet weather produces beautiful women. They are 99% all of the
white race. They are not oriental. Russians drive on the right side
of the road. Their light switches turn light on in the up position.
Their school year is the same as ours. For what ever reason a greater
percentage of their customs follow ours than most other countries in
the world.

So do you want a Russian woman for a wife? It depends upon
what you want. If you want a beautiful woman who is a good
show piece then go for it. But if you are expecting any gratitude for
your spending money and time then forget it. They believe that their
husbands owe it all to them. The state gave them their money, it
didn't come from their husbands. So they expected the husband to do
all those other things. They will expect you to do everything and buy
them everything and they will seldom, if ever say thanks. They never
say please, or thanks. It makes them feel degraded to do such a

You can train them to do say thanks, but never expect a kiss
or a hug when you come home.

Any Russian woman who was brought up within the borders of
Russia will be the way I have described here. I am sorry that all that
killing and terrible things took place, and I feel sorry for all those
people who will never know real love or even real affection. I feel
sorry for all those children who never receive kisses from their
parents, but feeling sorry would not make me marry another Russian
woman. My life only become tolerable with both of my Russian wives
when I quit trying to create any kind of love. As long as I furnished
the shelter, food, clothing, TV, and other niceties everything was
fine, but never ask for a kiss. She will prefer to sleep in a separate
bed like her parents did and like all Russians do. Russian women will
sleep with you if you insist, but all married people in Russia sleep in
separate beds, and so if you marry a Russian woman, her parents slept
in sperate beds, so she will prefer separate beds.

A Russian woman will live with you, will take what you give
her, will never say thanks unless you train her to and will
show little affection, but will demonstrate no affection after the
first two or three weeks. She will live taking everything you give
only as a friend might, except the friend would show gratitude. You
can have a very pleasant relationship if you are willing to have only a
friendly relationship and are willing to finance her totally plus you
can have sex, and in her own way she may even love you a little and she
will even tell you so, but she will certainly never demonstrate it.

As far as my two Russian wives were concerned our sex was
completely unacceptable. After the first three weeks, it was
expected that when I wanted sex she would just lay their and I would do
all the action. But although I never had a sexual problem my whole
life, I could not for the life of me just make sex that way. I
expected at least a few kisses during sex. When I wouldn't perform
both wives asked me to sleep in another bed as they couldn't sleep with
someone who didn't give them good sex. When I suggested a marriage
councilor and sexual consultant the first wife flatly refused, and the
second one agreed, but refused to accompany me on the day of the
appointment. When I brought her literature back from the councilor,
she refused to read it.

It is extremely unfortunate that sex is so repressed in
Russia. When I was there many people told me that it was wrong
to have sex when I was not married to a woman. They explained to me
that any woman that came to my hotel room, even if she were single, was
subject to being arrested and taken to jail. There are no judges or
juries. There is only the local police. If someone calls and says
that you are having sex in a hotel room and are not married the local
police can come arrest you if they wish, and that's what has happened
for the last 80 years. The police make their own decision on what to
do with you. So you see, sex has been badly repressed in Russia. I
assume that the communists were trying to keep the population down, but
what ever the reason it does exist.

When you try to create a loving home with a Russian woman she
feels that you put her at risk. She feels threatened. She feels that
it is wrong. Somewhere in her subconscious mind she is afraid that to
show you love will bring the wrath of the communists. She cannot
tolerate it. The fact that the communists no longer exist means
nothing to her subconscious mind. She will become angry, upset, and
impossible to live with. It is very sad that it is this way, but
that's the way it is. The Russians are beginning to dig their way out
of this situation, but at this time any American man who marries a
Russian woman is probably biting off a great deal more than he can

If one did marry a Russian woman he should have her agree to at
least a year of counseling after the marriage. Russian women are like
alcoholics, they will have to realize that something is wrong before
they can be helped and I doubt that a Russian woman will ever realize
that. In her mind there is too much at stake. It's cultures in direct
conflict, yours and hers.

So now you know. Good luck. ..."


Russian woman in Argentina

Soap operas are a recent arrival to Russian television screens.

When The Rich Also Cry and Santa Barbara first hit Soviet television during Gorbachev's perestroika days, Russian viewers were glued to their TV sets. In the wake of the break up of the Soviet Union, these daytime melodramas, in a way, became a source of solace in their suffering.

find russian women in Argentina

russian women in Argentina

Although soaps had a wide audience in the country, Russian studios were not in a position of making such soap operas. The lack of funds and sophisticated equipment, forced them to go slow in producing their own soap operas.

In this respect, the production of Senora, is regarded as something of a breakthrough in Russian film and TV history. Senora is the saga of a Russian woman, who rose to EvitaPeron-like glory on the plantations of Argentina. It is based on the life of the female president of the world's biggest vegetable oil company, Molinos, in Argentina. The heroine made her fortune under the name Conchita Molinos -- a variation on her Russian birth name, Katya Malina.

"Her story is the story of the quest for identity, which especially appealed to me since it was so closely connected with Russian history," Bogin, explaining why he had chosen a subject so far away from home.

In the story, Georgy Stepanovich Malinin, Conchita's grandfather and a well-known Russian specialist in plant cultivation, immigrated from revolutionary Russia to Argentina, and changed his name to its Spanish equivalent, George Esteban Molinos. His son grew up in Argentina and married an immigrant woman from Hungary. She gave birth to a daughter, Katya.

When Katya was five years old, her parents died and she was adopted by an Argentine family and renamed Conchita. Later, Conchita embarks on a journey of discovery to seek her roots, providing all the elements to sustain an ongoing series. Apart from Moscow and St Petersburg regions, the serial has mainly been shot in Crimea


The Invasion of Russian Women

Some of you might find this article interesting :-))

"In the recent years, there seems to be an influx of reports and articles on the dangers of dating Russian women. These reports feature Russian females either as stereotypical “mail order brides” or other variations of the conniving “girls in search of a rich husband.” Yet, many men prefer the beautiful Russian girls, who know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. In fact, I know many men who only date Russian women because, after dating a Russian, they have found it hard to settle for anything less. Despite their negative reputation, Russian girls set the dating mark high and here is why:

Prior to the times of Perestroika, a typical Russian woman lived through her family. It was almost unheard of in Russia for a woman to be single and most girls got married very young, upon finishing high school. This was also partially due to housing shortage and the girls’ desperate wish to get out of their parents’ tiny abode into a separate place, even if it was only a communal apartment. The only way to do so was through marriage, but the alternative of living with parents was often more intolerable. This resulted in a high number of unhappy marriages and divorces, yet, women in Russia were supposed to have a husband. It did not mater if the husband was an alcoholic or a ne’er-do-well, having a husband was better than being branded an old maid.

Despite and probably because of this view of a Russian woman as a wife and a mother figure, women in the former Soviet Union were respected, celebrated and cherished. The International Women’s day celebrated on March 8th was a holiday that trumped Valentine’s and Mother’s day holidays by the amount of flowers, poems and chocolates delivered to the doors or every woman a man knew, not just his mother and sweetheart. Russian women were worshiped for their hard work, intelligence, and supernatural ability to excel in everything, from sewing and coking to carpentry and art. A typical Russian female from a big city such as Moscow or St. Petersburg was a true Renaissance woman, well educated, well spoken, well mannered, and therefore, well prepared to be a mother and a wife. For generations, recipes were passed along with family trade secrets from grandmothers to granddaughters, instilling the importance of good education and high work ethic into every Russian girl, who happened to be born in a big city. Women were underpaid and few held important positions in the workforce; thus, young Russian girls quickly learned from their mothers that they had nothing but themselves to rely on in their search for a suitable husband. And with the shortage of men in Russia, the more a girl knew how to do, the better candidate she made for marriage.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, all this began to change quickly. Russian businesswomen came onto the scene and began to pave the way for gender equality among the younger generations. Most of these emerging female leaders grew up starved for success and were ready to fight for it to the death. They are not just ambitious, but are also highly educated, extremely well read and well rounded in the arts, and fluent in several languages. They are finally reaping the rewards of heir hard work and are living the dream, which was unattainable to their grandmothers and mothers. If in the old days, it was rare to find a young Russian woman at a business table, they are now emerging all over Russia, negotiating multimillion dollar deals, signing sports and modeling contracts, heading glitzy advertising firms, directing major architectural projects, working as self employed entrepreneurs, attorneys, accountants, scientists and art dealers. These new girls claim to wear the pants and are not afraid to show it. And they don’t just wear any pants, but only the latest in fashion, with matching designer accessories and sex appeal to conquer any man’s mind, yet enough class and poise to appeal to his heart. These young women demand respect and do not hesitate to dictate the rules of the game. They no longer need men to be happy; they can achieve success on their own and will not settle for anything less than the standard of their dreams.

The price for these new Russian girls has just gone up and those, who can afford it, don’t mind paying because they know that they are getting the cream of the crop. Men with money are willing to pay for this new brand of Russian women – independent and self confident beauties, with immaculately manicured fingernails, glossy hair and impeccable makeup. They are the new dream girls – beautiful and model like, but still as intelligent and hard working as their mothers. The rest of the men, those who cannot afford such a luxurious dream, are left complaining bitterly about the fate of the Russian women. Russian men, in particular, have a very hard time accepting the phenomena of an independent and successful Russian woman. This, more than anything else, explains the recent Russian female migration to the West. Russian girls can now be spotted in most major cities around the world. Like beautiful gazelles, they grace the streets of New York, London and Paris, demanding attestation to their beauty with flowers and expensive gifts. We might as well face it - the Russian invasion is here – these russian girls want to conquer the world and they are doing it fast, stealing one best man at a time."


RuGlish or Funny mistakes Russian wives make speaking English

After all, we’re all humans, and humans do make mistakes, don’t we? some mistakes are irritating, but the ones our precious russian wives make are so cute:

A Russian wife is getting ready for her driving test, they approach a crossroad,

She asks "Do I have to turn left?" "Right" replies her husband and she turns right.
"Where are you going?" screams the husband. "But you told me to go right!" says his upset russian wife

right = yes


Russian wife is showing an old Moscow church to her husband:
"It's a very old church and in the back is a monastery with all the monkeys."

monkeys = monks


Russian wife is asking her husband:

"do you want me to cook chicken chests for dinner?"

chicken chests = chicken breasts


Russian wife is talking to her husband:

"you remember Natasha has called me the other day? Imagine, she was on the party and met a nice man there, she is dating now"

on the party = at the party

Russian wife is asking her husband:

"baby if you are done working, can I use your notebook to send some emails"

notebook = laptop


Russian wife is talking to her mother-in-law:

"we were downtown and saw they were building new Sky Scratcher"

Sky Scratcher = Sky Scraper


Russian wife is talking to her husband:

"I had a great morning, I was riding my Bicyclit around the block"

Bicyclit - Bicycle


Russian wife and her husband went to the beach and got burnt, she says to her husband:

"oh, honey, your 'foreskin' is all burnt"

foreskin = forehead


Russian wife is writing a letter to her husband:

"my dear sweatheart, I miss you so much..."

sweatheart = sweetheart


Russian wife is asking her husband:

"dear, do you have to stand up and go to work at 5 am every day?!"

stand up = wake up


Russian wife at Staples:

"please, Xerox these documents for me"

Xerox = make photocopies


Russian wife is trying to remember all the days of the week:

".. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Forthday...."

Forthday = Thursday


Russian wife is cleaning the house and asks her husband:

"honey please, change the shits on the bed"

shits = sheets


Russian wife is organizing a party with finger food and says:

"we will be having just nipples to eat today"

nipples = nibbles


Russian wife is talking to her husband:

"I have met our new neighbor in the magazine..."

magazine = store, since in russian magazine means store


Russian wife and her husband went to the "Open House", she is excited and obviously likes the house:

"Baby, this house is nice and it has sick walls!"

sick = thick


Russian wife is talking to her husband:
"I haven't had any male for more than a month!"

male = mail


Russian wife is asking her husband:

"Honey, shave your bird, please"

bird = beard


Russian wife is talking to her husband:

" we have a massage from your mother on the answering machine"

massage = message


Russian wife decided to look for a job by herself and went to the nearest store,
she came to a clerk and asked him:

"Do you have a job?"

Do you have a job? = do you have any job openings?


Russian wife is asking her husband:

"What clock is it?"

What clock is it = what time is it


Russian wife is talking to her husband:

"let's go to the cinema, I'm so boring"

I'm boring = I'm bored


Australian husband is talking to his Russian wife:

"It's a nice day today,"

russian wife is in shock "are you crazy, I am not going to die today?"

today in Aussie accent sound like to die


a husband is asking his russian wife:

"do you want a soda or a beer?"

russian wife replies:

"bear is fine, baby"

bear = beer


russian wife is watching sex and the city:

" Samantha Jones is such a horse"

horse = whore


russian wife stubbed her toe on the sidewalk and cried:

"honey, I hurt my finger!"

finger = toe


russian wife and her husband at the Wild Life Reserve see a baby Elk, she screams:

"honey what a beautiful elk puppy"

elk puppy = calf


russian wife and her husband are driving down the coast and see the sign "Crab Live"

she asks "do crabs live here?"


Russian wife is asking her husband:

"sweetie, when next time in town, we need to buy me a counter"

counter = scales


russian wife and her husband are watching TV and she starts to cry:

"honey, my foot sleeps!"

my foot sleeps = my foot asleep

at the family reunion, a husband got hit by the ball in the crouch, his loving russian women cries:

"oh, baby you got hit in the eggs"

eggs = nuts , in russian nuts are called eggs

A russian wife and her husband had a fight, he does not talk to her, she is trying to make up with him:

" dear, talk to me or at least knock "

knock = nod

A russian wife and her husband are shopping for a new SUV, they take a Chevy Suburban
for a test drive, a Russian wife likes it and says:

" Honey, this is a great jeep "

jeep = SUV in FSU people call SUVs - jeep, jeep Cherokee, jeep Toyota ...

A russian wife and her husband live not for from Pacific coast, she is asking him:

"Honey, let's go to the b*i*tch this weekend?"

b*i*tch = beach sometimes russians have problem with i and ea sounds


Russian Women in America

pbs.org : interview with Victoria Gamburg russian woman, who wasborn in St. Petersburg but grew up in the United States of America, Victoria Gamburg has made a number of films about Russia and Russian women.

Q: Marjorie McAfee: You were born in Russia but grew up in the United States. What do you still value about your Russian heritage?

A: Victoria Gamburg: I was born in St. Petersburg but left the country with my parents when I was 2 years old. Though I grew up almost entirely in the United States, a big part of me still feels Russian, and I like to speak Russian whenever I get the opportunity. My parents were theater directors in St. Petersburg and raised me to appreciate Russian culture, which is very rich. I'm still a big fan of Russian music and literature, and I love Russian film. One of my favorite film directors, Alexander Sokurov, is from St. Petersburg. Russian culture is more than a thousand years old, so there is much to appreciate!

Q: What is the history of women's lib (or lack thereof) in Russia?

A: There's no women's lib movement analogous to the U. S. women's lib movement. Women in Russia often react against feminism; it's negative for them because they see it as some kind of strange ideology that masculinizes women. The Bolshevik Revolution celebrated the cult of the worker, which included women. Work didn't free women; they still had the burden in the home on top of their work. They were used as men: they were coal miners; they built roads; and during the war when there was a shortage of oxen, they were even used to plow fields. Women were never denied privileges to work in the Soviet Union; people who didn't want to work were sent to the Gulags.

Q: So there aren't a lot of women homemakers in Russia today?

A: Most women can't afford to be homemakers. Women in Russia are doubly burdened - they have to work and still fill traditional roles. In American culture, because of the women's movement, men have become more sensitive to women's needs. For example, my younger brother is a college student and his wife works full-time, so he does all the cooking and cleaning to help his wife. And he doesn't consider it emasculating. I think it would be rare to find that scenario in Russia. There, she would have to work and run home to cook his meals and wash his clothes. It's still a traditional society, where men don't help around the house and aren't expected to.

Q: How have stereotypes of Russian women changed over the past century?

A: They've changed dramatically. Fifty years ago, the image of Russian women celebrated by the Soviet state was the heroine mother-worker. If you look at Soviet Socialist realist sculptures, you see women with muscular arms holding sheaths of wheat or a hammer and sickle while also suckling an infant. That stereotype was beneficial to the Soviet state. Now the Soviet Union is gone, and a new stereotype of the hyper feminine woman has emerged.

Q: Do they just care more about their appearance now, or is it that they can care more?

A: Both. If they have the money, Russian women can now buy the same things that Western women can, and they do. They spend a greater portion of their income on clothing and makeup than many women in the West. This is also because salaries are still comparatively lower in Russia, while the price of consumer goods is the same as in the West. They see looking good as a social necessity. In job advertisements in Russia, you'll find help wanted ads that say, "Must be young and pretty."It also has to do with status. Russian women tend to love glamour. And for so many years, Russian women had been deprived of consumer goods.

Q: Who holds the power in Russia now?

A: Men, in both business and family. In the professional world, men are in charge at the top levels. In politics, for sure, there are very few women. When it comes to family life, there are no special laws on the books that protect women in a divorce. People never had any property to divide in the past, so there are no laws that protect women or guarantee child support. But there are subtleties involved. Russia would definitely fall apart without its women because, as Zheniya, one of the characters in the film, says, "They are a shoulder you can lean on." Women are primarily responsible for the well-being of the family. What's happening now in Moscow is that women have adapted better to the middle ranks of the new economy. Advertising, marketing, product design, fashion design -- these industries didn't exist 15 years ago. A lot of those entry- and mid-level jobs are not that well paid; they require interacting with people, and they require a presentation style. Women are often hired over men for these jobs.

Q: Zhana, one of the actresses in the TV show, has two sons. How is she raising them?

A: I think Russian women are trying to teach their sons more sensitivity, but it's also hard when men don't play an active role in their children's lives. Men tend to be much less present. You'll rarely find a divorce situation in Russia where there's joint custody. If children see their fathers infrequently, they assume that it's the mother's job to take care of everything.

Q: We see that situation in America -- the classic single mother. But many men in America who were the sons of single mothers grew up wanting to relieve women of those burdens, to be better fathers than their fathers were.

A: Russian culture isn't set up that way. Women don't expect men to be there. When Maxim, the writer of the show, and his wife had their daughter, his wife decided to go back to work after a few weeks, and he stayed at home with the baby. When he would take the baby to doctors' appointments or on other errands, he said he would get dirty looks from mothers. He felt unwelcomed by them. He told me that, as a man who takes an active role in fatherhood, he feels devalued. When he goes to his daughter's school and gives a suggestion, he's treated by the mothers like he doesn't know what he's talking about. The view is that because he's a man, he has no authority in child rearing. So even if a man wants to go to PTA meetings or be a stay-at-home dad, these things aren't encouraged by Russian women.

Q: Do you identify with the women of the TV show?

A: In Russia, the show is called Balzac Age, with the tagline "All Men Are Bastards." I'm not a product of Russian society, and my attitudes about a lot of things are different. Unlike the women in the show, I feel that it's OK to be a single woman of any age. There's a scene in the show where one of the characters is upset about being 35 and single because she fears a miserable and poverty-stricken old age. I can't say I share these sentiments.

Q: Does Balzac Age reflect modern-day Russia?

A: Balzac Age is really only about Moscow because people don't live like that outside of Moscow. There are fewer opportunities outside of big cities, and salaries tend to be much lower. Many Russians still live in poverty. Additionally, the older a woman gets, the harder it is to find a partner. Russia has one of the lowest male life expectancies in the industrialized world - just 56 years, the same as in Bangladesh. So as women get older, there are fewer men to choose from. And they become pickier, more discriminating, as a byproduct of age and wisdom.

Q: What does "Balzac Age" mean? Has the connotation changed?

A: It's a flowery way of saying "old maid" or "a woman of a certain age." It comes from the Honoré de Balzac novella, A Woman of Thirty. In Russia, the term means a woman over the age of 30. The perception of the term is changing in Russia. Thirty isn't so old now in Moscow. But there's no pride in the term. It's a way of saying your freshness date has expired; you've entered your twilight years.

Q: What does this story mean to you?

A: Making the film was a lot of fun. It was interesting for me to live in Moscow for the duration of the shooting. I hadn't spent that much time in Moscow since the early '90s, and I was amazed by the changes. Last time I lived in Moscow, tanks were rolling down Leninski Prospect, and there were snipers in the streets. It is a totally different world today.

Q: The cast members of the American version of Sex and the City lived their lives under a microscope. What's it like for the stars of the Russian show?

A: The Russian actresses are subject to the same kinds of media attention as their American counterparts. They are always in the tabloids and the fashion magazines; they're huge stars in Russia, and people want to know every detail of their personal lives. Zhana invited me to her birthday party, and there was a paparazzi photographer there; the photos ended up in a magazine the next week. Despite their fame, the actresses were accessible, especially Zhana. I spent a lot of time with her and found her unaffected by fame.

Q: How does Balzac Age compare with other Russian television productions?

A: In one episode, the Russian Special Forces were in a scene, and they were the actual Russian Special Forces. They used real guns and wore real uniforms. These soldiers had probably killed people before. Apparently, they don't make enough money in the Special Forces, so these guys were moonlighting as soap opera actors. They weren't allowed to show their faces so they wore masks the whole time. Compared to the U. S. Sex and the City, the budget is miniscule. But compared to other Russian TV shows, the budget is rather large. Partly, it's because the actresses are such big stars, so a large portion of the budget goes to paying their salaries.

Q: Are there many soap operas in Russia?

A: Just a few years ago, Russia was importing mostly Mexican and Brazilian soap operas as well as American TV shows. But now they have a lot more original programming. The Mexican soap operas have fallen out of favor, and Russians are much more interested in domestic productions. The novelty of foreign TV has worn off; people want to see their own lives reflected in their media. Balzac Age has higher ratings than Sex and the City did when it aired in Russia.

Q: What have you heard from Victor and Zhenya since filming ended?

A: Zhenya is in Kiev and is doing well. She has a great job and seems glad that she made the decision to leave Victor. I hope Victor is okay. I haven't heard from him.

Q: What do Russian men think about this show?

A: The show is aimed largely at the female audience, but people know that the writer pokes fun at both men and women in the show, so I don't imagine that men feel singled out or insulted. One guy in Russia told me that the reason he likes to watch the show is that, since he's single, he likes to fantasize about the actresses and think about which one he'd choose if he could. He picked Lada Dance, a pop star turned actress, who plays the attorney character. But seriously, the show is quite well written, and I think that it is one of the best comedies on Russian TV, so I think Russian men must like it, too.

Q: What challenges did you face in making a TV show about a TV show?

A: I was given full access to the set, and the actresses were willing to talk to me about their lives. NTV Russian Television and Motor Film Studio, the creators of the series, also gave me permission to use their footage. So access and footage were not the issue. The most challenging part of the process was finding regular everyday people to round out my story. I wanted the film to be more than a "making of" documentary about Moscow's answer to Sex and the City. The show's creators told me that their series is realistic and reflects what is going on with many women in Moscow today, but to find out if that was true, I had to meet everyday women. This meant I had to spend a lot more time in Moscow than I originally intended. I did a lot of research, which felt more like casual hanging out with new friends than hard-boiled reporting. I find that it's a good way to make people feel comfortable before they tell you their stories on camera. I think the real-life situations in my piece reveal even more about the shifting power dynamics between men and women in Moscow than the TV show's fictional scenes, which we show.

Q: You have touched on this a little, but given what you know about modern Russian women of your generation, do you think you could return to Moscow and live in that society as it is today?

A: Yes, I think I could, but I'd miss New York City too much, so I probably wouldn't. Russia is full of contradictions today. Though women still have little voice in how the country is run and don't have the legal protections against discrimination that women have in the United States, I think that traditional Russian attitudes are gradually changing. Women in Russia are a huge force to be reckoned with, so I don't think that their needs can be ignored for too much longer. Women today have many more options than they did in the Soviet era. I don't think I would be limited in ways that matter to me most. This is the third film I've made in Russia, and I've never experienced obstacles that had to do with my gender.


beautiful Russia women

Slavic women are the most beautiful overall in the world, & Russia is the big leagues as far as Eastern Europe goes. The women here are not only beautiful, they're seductive. With one glance they can capture your heart, they look at you as if they know they could do anything in the world and you'd like it, and basically that's true.

beautiful russian  women

Entire country is filled to the brims with beautiful women. From Moscow to Vladivostok, the Russian beauty. Russian women manage to turn this country to a place you never want to leave. Drop-dead beauties roam the streets, it's hard to breathe sometimes when in their presence.

From blond hair and blue or brown eyes, to red heads with green eyes and blue eyed brunettes. Women of Russia are remarkable in their beauty & their charm and they have more then that, they have style, they have education, they're complete, personalities that are beautiful to match, what more could anyone ever ask for?


HOT russian women

Men tend to be more visual than women. I attended a seminar a few years ago about professionalism in the work place. What stood out the most in this seminar was, the guest speaker spent a lot of time on how important it was for women to dress in appropriate apparel for work. She went on to explain that you could be the most industrious woman in the work place but if you dress in a provocative manner, men will remember what you wore and on what day you wore a sexy outfit, rather than, how much profit you are generating for the company.

But there are a few guys who like a combination of beauty and brains, whereas, there are men who prefer all beauty and no brain at all. Men who prefer all beauty and no brains, feel more secure since the woman will not pose as a threat to their intelligence.

Men are indeed visual creatures; unfortunately this is something you can hardly change, men are wired that way but that doesn't mean they are going to completely ignore you if you are smarter, more charismatic etc. compared to one of those hot
women supermodels, especially if they are looking for a longer-term relationship. But a woman does need to look good to attract them initially.

Hot Russian Woman


Marriage Transactions

Once a Russian woman decides to seek marriage to a foreigner, she must provide marriage agencies with photos, physical measurements, personal information and a description of what she seeks in a mate. The companies then publish catalogs and web pages riled with information on hundreds, or even thousands, of women. American men seeking foreign brides need only flip or scroll through the pages to select those whom they would most like to meet or correspond with.

They target men who are seeking a "solution to the modern day lack of moral and family values" that the women's movement has created in the United States.

They market Russians as women with traditional values who seek to please men and who do not believe in divorce. The consumers are typically significantly older than the brides they seek, though some companies advise men to target women not more than twenty years their junior.
One typical customer explained that he chose to find a mail-order bride because he was unhappy with American women, whom he described as "extremely independent, not appreciative, and too competitive." Some companies sell their catalogs of potential brides for subscription fees. Others, particularly those based on the Internet, charge customers based on the number of women they wish to contact, often offering bulk rate discounts for customers who select numerous women.
Average prices range from two to ten dollars per woman for an address.The customers
are free to correspond with the women whose addresses they have purchased as they choose. Some agencies offer sample letters and letter writing tips to help their consumers win the hearts of the women they have chosen.

One bridal agency, Russian brides something something ru, offers a guarantee that all the women they advertise are "FRESH," that is, if a customer purchases an address of a woman who has been "taken off the market," the company will provide the customer with two new, "FRESH** addresses free of charge.

Thus, men in the United States or all over Europe can meet (either in person if he travels abroad or by mail) women in Russia. The male consumer provides all the financial input into the transaction. He pays for information about the women he wishes to meet and for the opportunities to contact them. The female, akin to a product, is marketed based on her personal information, and scrutinized based on the information demanded by consumers.

Ukraine Women

How many times you've read in media that all that Russian and Ukrainian women want when seeking men abroad is to leave their country? Mark from USA says, not really, women in Ukraine don't want to leave their country, their parents, friends, jobs, schools, but because these women are so marriage orientated, they consider looking for a husband somewhere else outside their own country, f they cannot find a suitable, reliable, devoted partner at home

Ukraine has one of the lowest men to women ratios in the world, with only 86 men for 100 women

Mark says:

* Ukraine women are VERY family oriented;
* Ukraine women are very polite, intelligent and nice;
* Ukraine women are very entrepreneurial;
* Ukraine women speak poor English, although younger generation speaks knows English better

If you are looking for a Ukrainian woman, please, check this Ukraine Women for dating, romance and marriage

Mark :

I have visited Russia a few times on business and I have been to Ukraine 3 times, visiting my fiancée, there is something very special about this country, history, culture, architecture, in many ways quite the reverse to what I had expected but in many cases most countries are comparable with what the press makes out.

Before I met my fiancée, on my first trip to Ukraine I have meet a few gals, nice, polite and very interesting people. However, there was a number of things that I did notice.

All these woman were very family orientated, far more so then in the UK. I told them a few experiences that I have come across in my life in the US and they where quite shocked.
found very few people spoke English or if they did it was rather poor. Most young people did have a basic knowledge of English. As for myself I am in the processes of earning the Russian language. And finally, I found that many of these women were rather reluctant to leave their country and come to the US. Maybe the younger ones, yes, but even so I found they were still a minority. I did notice also that most of these women were very entrepreneurial and were rather surprised that I was not so.


A Russian woman in China

Nastya is a beautiful woman from Russia's Vladivostok. An episode of love that she came across ten years ago has since kept her heart in China's Harbin. Despite their parents' opposition and with no regret she and her husband pledged devotion to each other and have weaved a tale in which a couple from different countries finally lead a happy life ever after.

Got married during touring performances in China

Nastya's first job was a kindergarten teacher. Due to this job she came to study in Heilongjiang's Mudanjiang in 1990 through an exchange program. That was the first time she had ever had experience of another country. However, she had no sooner got over her curiosity when her stay came to an end. She was reluctant to get on the train home. After returning home she resigned as a teacher and became a part-time performer at a dancing troupe near her home. At the same time she worked for a Chinese-Russian joint venture as a secretary. Her choice of occupation was made completely out of her own interest and her good impression of China.

By the end of 1993 Nastya came to China again. Different from the first time this time she came as a dancer with a troupe which was to give commercial performances in China. What she didn't expect was that it was this rough trip to China which gave birth to her love life, marriage, family and career.

Nastya's husband is called Sun Hongwei from Harbin. "My husband was then working for cultural exchange and had business relation with the commercial performances.", said Nastya, "We began our acquaintance and love from that touring performance." She was touring south China with her troupe to give performances. By the time the tour was drawing to an end Sun Hongwei was already broke. In order to send the troupe safely back to Russia he sold his own car. Even that was not enough and they had to give performance at each stop as they moved north. The hardship, though, sparkled feeling between the two.

On returning to Harbin the moment came for departure. Sun Hongwei was sad. At the last moment Sun said to Nastya: "Do you really have to go? If you go we probably would never meet again. I want you to stay and become my wife."

At the bottom of her heart Nastya did not want to let this true love to pass by. After deliberation she decided to stay and spend the rest of her life with this Chinese young man from the northeast.

The course of true love never did run smooth

Because of the difference in mindset Sun Hongwei's parents could not accept a Russian daughter-in-law who "couldn't speak (Chinese)." Sun Hongwei was adamant: "Let her go? Never!" Faced with the impasse Sun Hongwei's sister rent a house and settled them down.

Looking back over the time Nastya said: "At that time (we) had no money, no job. My husband spent each day trying everything. But I couldn't do anything apart from feeling anxious. While I was at home I was scared of those who came to collect fees. One day an old lady wouldn't give up knocking on the door. First I thought it was just another fee-collecting guy. After I opened the door she said: 'I am Sun Hongwei's mother.' That was the first time I had seen my mother-in-law. I said hurriedly: 'Mother, pleas have a seat.' I hurried to the kitchen to make tea. By the time I came out with the tea she had already gone. She left an envelope which, I discovered, contained a lot of money."

After they got registered for marriage in China Nastya and her husband returned to Russia to go through some procedure. Hearing that their daughter had married a young Chinese her parents were also opposed to the marriage just like Sun Hongwei's parents. Faced with the same kind of situation Nastya, like her husband, chose to move out. She said: "Vladivostok's winter is very cold. We could not afford to rent a good house. My husband had to suffer coldness in my hometown. It made me cry inside. What was cheering was that our hearts were together, so we could warm each other. Some of my schoolmates and friends were not understanding. They didn't understand and I did not want to explain it to them. Let me ask you. If my husband could give up everything for me could I not but love him? "

Perhaps it was the unusual love and marriage that moved the Heaven. Once they had some savings they set up their own performance companies respectively in their home countries and even formed a joint venture engaged in cultural exchange and cooperation. The business gradually expanded and developed smoothly. In a few years they had had their own business. Now they have their own apartment and car and are investing in industry. They have set up a granulated sugar factory in Yunnan. Nastya's daughter was born in Harbin in March 2003 and in August she began her study at Heilongjiang University from which she is due to graduate soon.

By People's Daily Online


Why Russian women seeking dating abroad?

I’ve read many times on dating sites how russian men are all drunks and alcoholics and this is one reason why women wish to leave their country. well, i think this is complete bull !!
ive met a few russian men, one was in his late 40's and had never been in a bar in his life, he couldnt afford to drink even at home. others were of different ages and respectable men but none i met were drunks, and i got to know them reasonably well. no doubt there are many alcoholics in russia but this is true of every country. i wish we could somehow dispel all these stupid and inaccurate myths about this great country.

The problem is russian men learned to be good lovers and nice companions, but no more. They know they will be always on-the-top, even if he is ugly, stupid, old etc. This is a big problem for russian women - from generation to generation russian men have learnt - if it does not work with this woman, he will find another, he will always have a choice, he will always find a patient, caring soul, who will love him, take care of him and be scared he will leave her for somebody younger, slimmer, sexier. Due to "family oriented" mentality and harsh financial situation lots of Russian women prefer to jump into marriage when she is 19-20 y.o.
Russian men are treated as precious gift since the childhood. And even when he is 70 y.o. he knows: he will find the "right" woman to take care of him. This kills any healthy sense of family life. And this is what so many Russian beautiful , caring women try to find a man who respects a woman and who is not selfish and values family over anything else.


Marry off Chinese women to spread culture

Jackie Chan: Marry off Chinese women to spread culture

While Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky wants to keep the ever-precious resource of Russian women from marrying outside their nationality, film star Jackie Chan thinks that marrying off Chinese women to foreigners is a great way to promote Chinese culture.

"We can encourage more foreigners to marry Shanghai ladies so their children will be able to speak Chinese," Chan said at the Shanghai International Film Festival, the South China Morning Post reported on its front page.

"It will help spread Chinese culture far and wide," he reportedly said.

The paper reported that Chan didn’t say why his proposal singled out Shanghai women, and he offered no suggestions about how to implement his plan.

His plan? Jeez, let’s hope he’s not taking it that far!

This news is especially interesting (and coincidental) in light of Zhirinovsky’s racist remarks about Chinese men:

He saw the biggest threat coming from Chinese men, whose choice of potential spouses at home has been restricted by Beijing's "one child" policy. Many have settled in Russia's far east with Russian brides, who appreciate the fact that their foreign husbands tend to drink far less than local men.

"If we don't react now, in 50 or 100 years the Chinese and other Asian nations will be masters in our house and the Russians will become service staff," claimed the MP.

You know guys, women are actually people - not just a gaggle of uteri waiting to spread your cultural seed.


Russia's female population is a national treasure

the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky is backing a bill that would make Russian women think twice before exchanging vows with a non-Russian. His party, the incongruously named Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, has drafted a draconian marriage bill that will now be considered by the Duma, the Russian Parliament.It envisages severe penalties for Russian girls or women who choose "unpatriotically" to wed a foreigner, a trend the party believes is robbing the country's gene pool of its greatest resource.

In rhetoric uncomfortably reminiscent of that used by the Nazis, the party believes that the large number of Russian women taking foreign spouses is a threat to national security that risks undermining Russian identity and "the purity of the Russian race".

It is proposing punishing such female "traitors" by stripping them of their citizenship, deporting them to the country of their new husband and never allowing them to return.

The party also wants them to feel the pain in their pockets and is suggesting that their Russian assets be automatically distributed among their relatives or given to the state.

The bill has formally been proposed by MP Nikolai Kuryanovich, a member of the Parliament's powerful National Security Committee, with the explicit backing of the fiery Zhirinovsky.

"Our wonderful women are the best in the world," Kuryanovich told Ekho Moskvy radio. "Wherever I have been, I have rarely seen beautiful girls, only in Russia and some other Slav nations."

Calling Russia's female population a "national treasure", he said the bill was being introduced "in order not to squander our gene pool".

If nothing was done, said Mr Kuryanovich, outsiders would acquire worrying levels of influence and territory in Russia through their spouses. The offspring of such ill-advised matches would not grow up to be "genuine" Russians. He saw the biggest threat coming from Chinese men, whose choice of potential spouses at home has been restricted by Beijing's "one child" policy. Many have settled in Russia's far east with Russian brides.

"If we don't react now, in 50 or 100 years the Chinese and other Asian nations will be masters in our house and the Russians will become service staff," claimed the MP.