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Men tend to be more visual than women. I attended a seminar a few years ago about professionalism in the work place. What stood out the most in this seminar was, the guest speaker spent a lot of time on how important it was for women to dress in appropriate apparel for work. She went on to explain that you could be the most industrious woman in the work place but if you dress in a provocative manner, men will remember what you wore and on what day you wore a sexy outfit, rather than, how much profit you are generating for the company.

But there are a few guys who like a combination of beauty and brains, whereas, there are men who prefer all beauty and no brain at all. Men who prefer all beauty and no brains, feel more secure since the woman will not pose as a threat to their intelligence.

Men are indeed visual creatures; unfortunately this is something you can hardly change, men are wired that way but that doesn't mean they are going to completely ignore you if you are smarter, more charismatic etc. compared to one of those hot
women supermodels, especially if they are looking for a longer-term relationship. But a woman does need to look good to attract them initially.

Hot Russian Woman