The Invasion of Russian Women

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"In the recent years, there seems to be an influx of reports and articles on the dangers of dating Russian women. These reports feature Russian females either as stereotypical “mail order brides” or other variations of the conniving “girls in search of a rich husband.” Yet, many men prefer the beautiful Russian girls, who know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. In fact, I know many men who only date Russian women because, after dating a Russian, they have found it hard to settle for anything less. Despite their negative reputation, Russian girls set the dating mark high and here is why:

Prior to the times of Perestroika, a typical Russian woman lived through her family. It was almost unheard of in Russia for a woman to be single and most girls got married very young, upon finishing high school. This was also partially due to housing shortage and the girls’ desperate wish to get out of their parents’ tiny abode into a separate place, even if it was only a communal apartment. The only way to do so was through marriage, but the alternative of living with parents was often more intolerable. This resulted in a high number of unhappy marriages and divorces, yet, women in Russia were supposed to have a husband. It did not mater if the husband was an alcoholic or a ne’er-do-well, having a husband was better than being branded an old maid.

Despite and probably because of this view of a Russian woman as a wife and a mother figure, women in the former Soviet Union were respected, celebrated and cherished. The International Women’s day celebrated on March 8th was a holiday that trumped Valentine’s and Mother’s day holidays by the amount of flowers, poems and chocolates delivered to the doors or every woman a man knew, not just his mother and sweetheart. Russian women were worshiped for their hard work, intelligence, and supernatural ability to excel in everything, from sewing and coking to carpentry and art. A typical Russian female from a big city such as Moscow or St. Petersburg was a true Renaissance woman, well educated, well spoken, well mannered, and therefore, well prepared to be a mother and a wife. For generations, recipes were passed along with family trade secrets from grandmothers to granddaughters, instilling the importance of good education and high work ethic into every Russian girl, who happened to be born in a big city. Women were underpaid and few held important positions in the workforce; thus, young Russian girls quickly learned from their mothers that they had nothing but themselves to rely on in their search for a suitable husband. And with the shortage of men in Russia, the more a girl knew how to do, the better candidate she made for marriage.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, all this began to change quickly. Russian businesswomen came onto the scene and began to pave the way for gender equality among the younger generations. Most of these emerging female leaders grew up starved for success and were ready to fight for it to the death. They are not just ambitious, but are also highly educated, extremely well read and well rounded in the arts, and fluent in several languages. They are finally reaping the rewards of heir hard work and are living the dream, which was unattainable to their grandmothers and mothers. If in the old days, it was rare to find a young Russian woman at a business table, they are now emerging all over Russia, negotiating multimillion dollar deals, signing sports and modeling contracts, heading glitzy advertising firms, directing major architectural projects, working as self employed entrepreneurs, attorneys, accountants, scientists and art dealers. These new girls claim to wear the pants and are not afraid to show it. And they don’t just wear any pants, but only the latest in fashion, with matching designer accessories and sex appeal to conquer any man’s mind, yet enough class and poise to appeal to his heart. These young women demand respect and do not hesitate to dictate the rules of the game. They no longer need men to be happy; they can achieve success on their own and will not settle for anything less than the standard of their dreams.

The price for these new Russian girls has just gone up and those, who can afford it, don’t mind paying because they know that they are getting the cream of the crop. Men with money are willing to pay for this new brand of Russian women – independent and self confident beauties, with immaculately manicured fingernails, glossy hair and impeccable makeup. They are the new dream girls – beautiful and model like, but still as intelligent and hard working as their mothers. The rest of the men, those who cannot afford such a luxurious dream, are left complaining bitterly about the fate of the Russian women. Russian men, in particular, have a very hard time accepting the phenomena of an independent and successful Russian woman. This, more than anything else, explains the recent Russian female migration to the West. Russian girls can now be spotted in most major cities around the world. Like beautiful gazelles, they grace the streets of New York, London and Paris, demanding attestation to their beauty with flowers and expensive gifts. We might as well face it - the Russian invasion is here – these russian girls want to conquer the world and they are doing it fast, stealing one best man at a time."