russian women names

As with most Western cultures, a russian women have names chosen by the parents. First names in Russia mostly originate from two sources: Orthodox church tradition and native pre-Christian pagan lexicons.

Common russian women names

Anna or Hanna, equivalent to Ann, of Hebrew origin

Yelena or Olena, equivalent to Helen, of Greek origin

Natalya, equivalent to Natalie, of Latin origin

Mariya, equivalent to Mary, of Hebrew origin

Olga or Olha, a pre-Christian name derived from Helga

Aleksandra or Oleksandra, equivalent to Alexandra, of Greek origin

Kseniya or Oksana, Oksana is the most common Ukrainian women name, Kseniya is from Greek Xenia)

Yekaterina or Kateryna, equivalent to Catherine, of Greek origin

Tatyana or Tetyana, of Latin origin

Anastasiya, of Greek origin

Svetlana or Svitlana, meaning "Shining One"

Yulia, equivalent to Julia or Julie, of Latin origin

Vera or Vira, this name means "Faith", calque from Greek Πίστη

Nadezhda or Nadiya, this name means "Hope", calque from Greek Ελπίς

Lyubov, this name means "Love", calque from Greek Αγάπη

Sofiya, equivalent to Sophia, of Greek origin