Ukraine Women

How many times you've read in media that all that Russian and Ukrainian women want when seeking men abroad is to leave their country? Mark from USA says, not really, women in Ukraine don't want to leave their country, their parents, friends, jobs, schools, but because these women are so marriage orientated, they consider looking for a husband somewhere else outside their own country, f they cannot find a suitable, reliable, devoted partner at home

Ukraine has one of the lowest men to women ratios in the world, with only 86 men for 100 women

Mark says:

* Ukraine women are VERY family oriented;
* Ukraine women are very polite, intelligent and nice;
* Ukraine women are very entrepreneurial;
* Ukraine women speak poor English, although younger generation speaks knows English better

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Mark :

I have visited Russia a few times on business and I have been to Ukraine 3 times, visiting my fiancée, there is something very special about this country, history, culture, architecture, in many ways quite the reverse to what I had expected but in many cases most countries are comparable with what the press makes out.

Before I met my fiancée, on my first trip to Ukraine I have meet a few gals, nice, polite and very interesting people. However, there was a number of things that I did notice.

All these woman were very family orientated, far more so then in the UK. I told them a few experiences that I have come across in my life in the US and they where quite shocked.
found very few people spoke English or if they did it was rather poor. Most young people did have a basic knowledge of English. As for myself I am in the processes of earning the Russian language. And finally, I found that many of these women were rather reluctant to leave their country and come to the US. Maybe the younger ones, yes, but even so I found they were still a minority. I did notice also that most of these women were very entrepreneurial and were rather surprised that I was not so.