Why Russian women seeking dating abroad?

I’ve read many times on dating sites how russian men are all drunks and alcoholics and this is one reason why women wish to leave their country. well, i think this is complete bull !!
ive met a few russian men, one was in his late 40's and had never been in a bar in his life, he couldnt afford to drink even at home. others were of different ages and respectable men but none i met were drunks, and i got to know them reasonably well. no doubt there are many alcoholics in russia but this is true of every country. i wish we could somehow dispel all these stupid and inaccurate myths about this great country.

The problem is russian men learned to be good lovers and nice companions, but no more. They know they will be always on-the-top, even if he is ugly, stupid, old etc. This is a big problem for russian women - from generation to generation russian men have learnt - if it does not work with this woman, he will find another, he will always have a choice, he will always find a patient, caring soul, who will love him, take care of him and be scared he will leave her for somebody younger, slimmer, sexier. Due to "family oriented" mentality and harsh financial situation lots of Russian women prefer to jump into marriage when she is 19-20 y.o.
Russian men are treated as precious gift since the childhood. And even when he is 70 y.o. he knows: he will find the "right" woman to take care of him. This kills any healthy sense of family life. And this is what so many Russian beautiful , caring women try to find a man who respects a woman and who is not selfish and values family over anything else.