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Vice President Joe Biden says Ukrainian women are hot and the most beautiful women on the planet, but Russian women are not less beautiful and hot )))

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Hot russian women

For many men worldwide, blond beautiful and hot russian woman - Anna Kournikova changed the stereotype of Russian women.

Most people thought of Russians as ugly, barbaric, and dull -- Anna changed all that. She was and still is stunningly beautiful, feminine, elegant, blond and sexy. A lot of men became interested in Russian ladies because of Kournikova.

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Kournikova was born on June 7, 1981 in Moscow. Her father Sergey was an Olympic-style wrestler, and her mother Alla -- a tennis coach.

Kournikova's family lived well below-average financially. Anna later said "my parents bought me a racket for Christmas, but I found out years later that they had to sell a TV set to do that."

She started playing tennis when she was 5 years old, and at 8 she won her first tournament. In 1991 she and her mother moved to Florida to train at Nick Bollettieri's tennis academy...

Her first coach Lyudmila Preobrazhenskaya said that Anna was extremely hard working and competitive...

Anna Kournikova has been linked romantically to several men.

She dated Russian hockey player, Sergey Fedorov, in the late 1990s. Fedorov, 12 years Anna's senior, met Kournikova while taking tennis lessons from her coach in Moscow in 1996.

Sergey accompanied Anna to many tournaments. There were rumors that they tied the knot. Fedorov himself stated that they got married but then divorced. Kournikova, on the other hand, never confirmed or denied them.

Kournikova's second "high profile" relationship was with another hockey player, Pavel Bure. They met in Miami when Pavel played for Florida Panthers.

Rumors about their engagement started after paparazzi pictures of Bure and Kournikova appeared in the media. They were photographed having a romantic dinner. And it seemed as if Anna was wearing an engagement ring.

But nothing serious materialized, and the relationship was soon over.

Anna's longest relationship to-date has been with a pop singer Enrique Iglesias. And, as in all of her relationships, there were rumors about Anna's engagement (an even marriage) to Iglesias.

Anna Kournikova comes across as very arrogant. In one of her quotes she said "I'm like a menu at an expensive restaurant, you can look at me, but you can't afford me."

Once interviewed by BBC, she made a scene after an interviewer asked her why she had lost in the first round of 4 tournaments in a row.

There were several unconfirmed cases of her being rude to ball boys both in training and tournament matches.

Regardless of her scandalous personality, Anna is involved in charitable work speaking at Boys and Girls Clubs of America. She also plays in exhibition matches for charitable causes...

Whether you like her or not, Anna Kournikova played an important role not only in popularity of women's tennis, but also in popularity of Russian women around the world.


younger women older men or are the times changing?

In the period 1906-1910, the average age at marriage was 26.3 for women and 29.8 for men. Thus, men were 3.5 years older than their wives on average (applies to all marriages, both between those who had not previously been married and those who had). This pattern remained fairly stable for almost 50 years, both in terms of the age at marriage and the age difference between the bride and groom.

The age at marriage fell steadily during a period beginning around 1950 – the golden age of the nuclear family: up to the end of the 1960s, the men's age at the time of marriage fell by around 4 years to 26.5, and women's by around 3 years to 23.7. The age difference during this period also fell by a good six months.

At the beginning of the 1970s, however, this trend began to reverse: along with women's increasing education levels and participation in the labour force, more liberal abortion laws, better contraception, the increase in cohabitation outside marriage etc., the marriage age began to increase. Today, in 2002, the average age of men at the time of marriage is 35.5, and women are 32.1 on average. The increase has therefore been slightly higher for men, and the age difference between men and women is back to about the same level as 100 years ago, i.e. 3.5 years.

Similar age differences (where the man is 2-4 years older) exist in most countries and for most periods, and these differences are often explained in the following way:

# Girls mature at an earlier age than boys and will therefore tend to marry somewhat older men
# Traditionally, it has been the men that have provided for the family. An age difference of 2-3 years has reflected a traditional division of labour between the sexes, where the man has not been able to marry before he was capable of providing for a family.

younger women older men dating

Seemingly, the numerous and significant changes in the relationship between men and women in the last 30-40 years – especially in terms of education, participation in the labor force and income – have therefore been of little consequence with regard to the age difference at the time of marriage.

On the one hand, it could be expected that the increase in gender equality in other areas would also lead to greater gender equality with regard to the age when couples start living together; i.e. a more equal age distribution. On the other hand: to the extent that the traditional age difference was primarily that – a tradition – it could be expected that the 68 generations' rebellion against the parent generation's different forms of traditions and customs also would have led to an increased margin for greater age differences – both ways.

When the age difference between men and women appears to be constant, this is based on the average age of men and women at the time of marriage. However, this average does not necessarily reflect the age differences in individual marriages.

Example A: Man 31 Woman 29 = difference: 2 years
Man 29 Woman 25 = difference: 4 years i.e. average age difference: 3 years

Example B: Man 35 Woman 25 = difference: 10 years
Man 25 Woman 29 = difference: - 4 years i.e. average age difference: 3 years

In example A, the average age for men is 30, women 27 and the average age difference is 3 years. The average age in example B is the same, but here the man is much older than the woman, but in the other couple the woman is older than the man. Stable average age differences can thus conceal major changes in the direction of a greater variation: more older men who are marrying younger women – and vice versa: more women marrying younger men.
More variation?

In the figure to the right, marriages entered into in 1966 and 2002 are grouped according to the ages of the bride and groom.

In 1966, marriages where the man was 2-3 years older were typical and made up a quarter of all marriages entered into. The second largest group was marriages where the man was 4-5 year older (16 per cent). Next were marriages where the man was 1 year older or 6-9 years older. The percentage of marriages entered into where the man and woman were the same age therefore amounted to a relatively small minority of 10.5.

Overall, marriages where the man was older than the woman accounted for 75 per cent, whilst the women were older than the men in only around 14 per cent of the cases, where the age difference was mainly only 1-3 years.

By 2002, this picture had changed considerably: the dissipation in age difference has increased substantially. There are more marriages being entered into where the age difference is relatively high, and the percentage of "typical” or traditional age differences in the man's favour (where the man is 2-5 years older) has dramatically declined.

The proportion of marriages entered into where the man is more than 9 years older than the woman is the group that has increased the most; by almost double. Otherwise, the most striking aspect is the systematic increase in marriages entered into where the woman is older than the man. In 1966, these accounted for 14 per cent of the marriages, and in 2002, the woman was older than the man in every fifth marriage that took place. In relative terms, the increase has been greatest for the group where the woman is 4 years older or more; this group has increased from 3 to 7.5 per cent.

By Jan Erik Kristiansen


Young Ukrainian Women Want to Leave their Country

came across this shocking article on hartford-hwp:

Because of its concern about the growing trafficking of women for prostitution, the ILO has recently increased its co-operation with NGOS to stamp this out. Trade Union World correspondent Samuel Grumiau recently had the opportunity to look into this phenomenon further during his trip to Kiev, one of the major departure points for female prostitutes from Eastern Europe. We are publishing his report in three parts to coincide with the Annual Meeting of the ICFTU Women's Committee, taking place in Brussels this Thursday and Friday, October 21 and 22.

Brussels, October 21, 1999 (ICFTU OnLine): Kateryna Levchenko is the national coordinator of “La Strada”, an NGO which helps women caught in prostitution networks and carries out prevention campaigns in the Ukraine.

La Strada has set up a telephone line where people can phone on the subject of prostitution abroad. What type of calls do you receive?

Every day we receive between 20 and 30 phone calls from women who have been offered work abroad, or who ask us how to get there. In the Ukraine, around one million young women aged 15 to 29 would like to go and live abroad, in particular those living in small towns. Many companies take advantage of this desire and invite them to come and work as hostesses, governesses, domestic helps, etc. It is difficult to know whether these companies are working legally or not, but it is very tempting for the Ukrainian women when one realises that between 60% and 70% of the unemployed people in this country are women. They are unaware or they have forgotten that there are also 18 million unemployed people in Western Europe!

How do the networks manage to get travel documents?

From what I understand, they have good contacts in the embassies. For an NGO like ourselves, it is sometimes difficult to get a visa, for example to travel to the Netherlands … but I know a lot of Ukrainian women who “work” there!

A second method is via intermediate countries: Ukrainian citizens do not need visas to travel to Poland, the Czech Republic or Hungary. There their passports can be changed, or they cross into Western Europe by river.

For popular “work destinations” like Greece or Turkey, it is very easy to obtain visas. For example, a 3 month visa for Turkey costs just $ 10 at the border.

How much do they pay to the middlemen?

This varies tremendously, from $20 to 2,000! At times I say to them: if you have $2,000, why do you still want to go abroad? The worst thing is that they are promised that they will have to pay this money only when they reach their destination. A $300 debt can be multiplied ten-fold, and no one knows exactly what they are supposed to repay, that is up to the procurer or the brothel keeper.

Are there minors among the victims?

It is not common because it is more dangerous for the pimps, who are punished more severely if caught. It is also difficult for a girl of under 18 to cross the border because she needs her parents' permission. Yet we know cases of minors who have passports which state that they are 20 or older.

Many Ukrainian women end up as prostitutes in Cyprus. Why this country in particular?

Cyprus is a very popular holiday destination for inhabitants of the former USSR, and the immigration laws are lax there. Holidaymakers like to find women who speak their language, but these girls' living conditions are horrible — sleeping two or three in the same bed, in tiny rooms.

We also know many dramatic cases of Ukrainian or Russian women in the Arab Emirates, where the police make no difference between voluntary and forced prostitution, even if a woman goes to them for help. The laws against prostitution are very severe there. Demand is strong because Arab men like white women.

How much can women trapped in these networks earn?

That varies a lot, but never more than $1,000 a month. In many cases they receive no more than 15 or 20% of what they earn because money is docked for lodgings, food, cigarettes. In the former Yugoslavia, an hour with a girl costs $100, but she herself receives only $10 to 30. At times their clients are UN soldiers. We know a lot of cases where Ukrainian or Russian soldiers have bought these women's freedom and where they have been able to return to their country.

How do you organise the preventive work in the Ukraine?

There are first of all the media, which give wide coverage to our campaigns. We also publish brochures and information material for social workers, NGOs and schools. In particular these provide the telephone numbers of the Ukrainian embassies, the organisations that can help them in the various countries, legal texts, etc. We also give a lot of information sessions in the schools.
Sociological data

The International Organization for Migration has carried out a study among Ukrainian women who could potentially leave for abroad (1). A questionnaire filled in by 1,189 young women in ten regions of the country tells us, among other things, that:

Major factors leading women to leave the country are:

* Better income: 53.4%
* Finding a job: 28.9%
* The western life style 6.3%
* Putting together a starting capital: 5.3%

Reasons holding women back from going abroad are:

* Family ties in the Ukraine: 24%
* Lack of financial resources: 21% Fear of living abroad: 18%
* Lack of knowledge of foreign languages: 16%
* Lack of professional skills: 12%
* Sufficient income in the Ukraine: 5%
* Bad health: 2%


older men dating

For 50-ish something men seeking lifetime partner and romance online, age factor is the next big thing. There is no sense in defying age because the truth will always hunt you down. Your age has a big factor both for you as a seeker and the person you are seeking for. If you are within this age range you either are looking for a partner who are of the same age or a bit younger than you are but very rare that you will be looking for partners much older.

Since you already accepted the fact that you are not getting any younger, you have to realize that age factor is a vital point in goal setting. This is important because you will need it as a point of preference for seeking your match.

And women and men often lie about age, some can get away without a problem while others are caught red-handed. So, when you go online, you either tell the truth or lie about your age, it's up to you, but remember, more than likely you will get caught.

You might look much younger than your actual age and proud to hear “Really? You look younger! I thought you were 35”. For a 50-ish something man it is a big thing and good for you, just do not lie about your age, be proud. But if you look older than your age, you probably will want to deny it, sometimes you will feel discouraged but don’t lose hope there are lots of options you can take. Invest on your appearance. Upgrade your lifestyle and you’ll never go wrong with that.

3. Psychological – This is the age that you set your mind on. So, this is a mind-set age, so to speak. This is the age that you want to stay in forever. This is the number of candles that you constantly put in your birthday cake year after year after year. This is the age that you tell people [without guilt] when they asked how old are you and it remains constant.

in the US Embassy in Moscow you will see different people men and women waiting for thier interviews, 19 year old russian girl with her mid 30 husband to be from Germany, 29 year old woman planning to marry a 68 y.o. widower, 40 year old divorced Russian lady and future 48 year old husband also divorced, with 2 kids. The bottom line is… age may be a big factor, so you might want to consider it in your decision making process.


Young Russian women

for so long so many single american men believed that all young Russian women are ready to accept a large age gap with a guy they are considering for marriage, that most young Russian women will accept a huge age gap (30-40 years) because they search for a "serious, mature, established" man.

Do not read women's ads on marriage agency sites, visit the dating site LuckyLovers and browse Russia women ads or Ukraine women profiles, you will see that most women from Russia and Ukraine are looking for men not more than 5 to 10 years older than themselves, some are ready to accept 15, max 20 years difference.

many women in FSU confirm the 5 to 10 year age gap is the true reality. On occasion an older man and a younger woman fall in love and nothing wrong about that. But in fact, they are truly not seeking much older men.

On many websites where the ladies are posted it is not the ladies themselves posting such large age gaps. This is the business end. Most Men searching for a Russian woman are older.

And marriage agencies use the young good looking ladies to bait the Men. If they did not put the large age gap as you see often (a 20 year old girl looking for a husband anywhere between 50 and 60 y.o.) Men would not pay to write.

Online Russian dating / marriage / matchmaking is a serious business and the agencies will do what it takes to get the money. They have to have their customers age fit into the ladies profile no matter what kind of man a woman is really looking for.

Men see sexy young beautiful women who seek soulmate and life partner sometimes 3 times their age and they max their credit cards to buy email addresses or send love letters.

5 to 10 years is the real number, 15-20 rare, but it happens - the rest is nothing more then a business you should clearly avoid.


Hot russian women

Maria Kirilenko has it all: beauty, charm, personality of a sweetheart, and great skills...

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hot russian women

Maria (Masha) Kirilenko was born on January 25, 1987 in Moscow. Maria started ballroom dancing when she was 5, and playing tennis when she was 7 years old.

Masha and her parents lived in a small town near Moscow. They drove back and forth to training facilities in the city...

Kirilenko was off to a fast start. She won her first tournament after just a year of practice. She became the number one player in her age group in Russia.

Maria Kirilenko entered professional WTA tour in September of 2002. She won the Canadian Open the same year. And was the youngest player ever to do so. She also won Junior US Open in 2002.

Maria was climbing the world rankings, but got sidelined by injury in 2004. After coming back from the layoff, Masha managed to win 2 singles titles: Beijing in 2005 and Calcutta in 2007.

Her biggest achievement to-date is reaching the Australian Open semi-finals in 2008... But at the same time she is not just a tennis player, she is a beautiful hot and sexy russian woman, who has climbed to the top of the world sport arena


Men with Younger women

According to Martin Fieder, an anthropologist at the University of Vienna in Austria, a woman should get together with a man several years older than herself if she wants a lot of children - at least in Sweden.

The analysis of Swedish birth records reveals that men who partner with women six years younger than themselves produce the most offspring.

Across many cultures men and women prefer younger and older mates respectively, says Martin Fieder. In theory these age preferences make evolutionary sense, he says. However, there has been little reliable data on whether the preferences translate into a real advantage in terms of having children.

To find out more, Fieder and Susanne Huber - his two-years-younger wife and a researcher at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna - examined population data from Sweden. This country keeps meticulous records of births, including the names and ages of both parents, regardless of whether they are married or not.

They randomly selected the records of about 5600 men and 6000 women born between 1945 and 1955, and looked at the number of children born to each individual before 2003.

This is the most recent generation that could be assumed to have stopped having new children. Previous studies have shown that in Sweden only 2% of people have a child past the age of 45.

Six-year high

An analysis of the records revealed that men who had
younger women six years younger than themselves had the greatest number of children: about 2.2 children on average, a relatively high number in a country that has long had low fertility rates in the past.

By comparison, men who had partners six years older than themselves had 1.8 children on average.

Women bore the greatest number of children when they chose men four years older than themselves. Those who partnered with such men had 2.1 children on average.

The age-gap figures and numbers of children do not match up because the people studied were randomly selected from a large number of the Swedish population and therefore not likely to have been partners with each other, explain the researchers.
Evolved preferences

Fieder speculates that men evolved a preference for younger women because these women have a longer fertility span than older female counterparts. He adds that women, meanwhile, might give birth to more children when they choose older partners because such men are likely to have greater financial resources to support a family than younger men do.

However, men partnered with a much younger woman did not produce the maximum number of children. Mothers more than 10 years younger than their partners had about 2.0 children on average.

When too much of an age difference exists, there is perhaps a greater chance of male fertility problems and disagreement over family planning, suggests Fieder.

Fieder notes that his study relied on birth records and so did not include data on childless couples. He says that this could have skewed the results and hopes that future analyses will be able to include childless couples


sexy russian women

what does sexy mean? Sexy means slim body with the right curves on the right places.
Sexy means woman's attitude and confidence in being who she is. The word comes down to whether a person finds another person sexually appealing.That in essence is what sexy means. Sexy is not purely visual or doesn't always apply to a person's figure. Someone can have a sexy voice or a sexy smile or a sexy touch or sexy scent etc.

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Hot russian women

hot star of Russian Tennis Elena Dementieva

Unlike Kournikova and Sharapova, Elena Dementieva is a Russian player who has managed to stay out of the media spotlight.

Nevertheless, men around the world have noticed her beautiful face and athletic body... Elena (Lena) was born on October 15, 1981 in Moscow.

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hot russian women

Elena's father, Vyacheslav, was an engineer. Her mother, Vera, taught at high school. When Lena was 6, her parents took her to a tennis club.

Dementieva recalls that her mother liked tennis: she always wanted to play, but never did. And young Elena got passion for the game from her mom.

Nowadays Vera is Elena's number one supporter -- her coach. Vera travels with her to all tournaments.

Dementieva's rise in tennis rankings began in 1999, when she participated in Federation Cup and beat Venus Williams.

In March of 2000 Elena advanced to semi-finals at the Indian Wells tournament. She beat Anke Huber and Chanda Rubin, and only lost to Lindsay Davenport. Elena finished 2000 winning a silver medal at the Olympics in Sydney.

Dementieva won 9 singles titles. Her biggest accomplishment to-date is advancing to the finals at the French and US Open in 2004.
Romantic Relationship

This hot and sexy russian woman has been dating Russian hockey player Maxim Afinogenov. They met during 2004-2005 NHL lockout season, when Afinogenov played for Dynamo Moscow.

Afinogenov visits Dementieva every time he can when she is in the United States. There are some talks about them getting married in the near future.


mature russian women

a lot of guys are attracted to older and mature russian women, no wonder, mature women make men feel more comfortable, young women have less experience with men and tend to be less stable in general than older russian women. Men like women who make them feel comfortable, emotionally. Men may simply not know what to expect with russian women. The rules of dating and relationships could be a wild territory to explore and it's helpful to have someone with experience, tact, and wisdom.

here is what Alex, a 40 y.o. american man, says about dating a russian woman:

When it comes down to seriously pursuing a relationship, I will stick to a mature and older russian woman who is educated and has her head on straight...


Russian Women desperate to marry western men and move abroad

This myth began as a rant started by feminists to defend their pride against the tide of Western men who are looking for women abroad, painting the men as desperate losers and the foreign women as conniving users who want a green card. The media further perpetuated it to appease these feminists, whom are the main audience for their advertisers. Besides this, our media's other purpose is to motivate you to get up and go to work or school everyday to keep our economy/society productive. One of the ways of doing this is to make you think that other people are worse off than you and would give anything to be in your shoes. And of course, bad news sells better for the media and its advertisers, since people like to believe that others are worse off than they are and would give anything to be in their shoes, to keep themselves motivated in their current situation in life.

In fact, the percentage of the female population in Russia who belong to marriage agencies is far less than one percent of the populationand it is rare to find a russian woman who has a SOLE purpose of moving abroad.