older men dating

For 50-ish something men seeking lifetime partner and romance online, age factor is the next big thing. There is no sense in defying age because the truth will always hunt you down. Your age has a big factor both for you as a seeker and the person you are seeking for. If you are within this age range you either are looking for a partner who are of the same age or a bit younger than you are but very rare that you will be looking for partners much older.

Since you already accepted the fact that you are not getting any younger, you have to realize that age factor is a vital point in goal setting. This is important because you will need it as a point of preference for seeking your match.

And women and men often lie about age, some can get away without a problem while others are caught red-handed. So, when you go online, you either tell the truth or lie about your age, it's up to you, but remember, more than likely you will get caught.

You might look much younger than your actual age and proud to hear “Really? You look younger! I thought you were 35”. For a 50-ish something man it is a big thing and good for you, just do not lie about your age, be proud. But if you look older than your age, you probably will want to deny it, sometimes you will feel discouraged but don’t lose hope there are lots of options you can take. Invest on your appearance. Upgrade your lifestyle and you’ll never go wrong with that.

3. Psychological – This is the age that you set your mind on. So, this is a mind-set age, so to speak. This is the age that you want to stay in forever. This is the number of candles that you constantly put in your birthday cake year after year after year. This is the age that you tell people [without guilt] when they asked how old are you and it remains constant.

in the US Embassy in Moscow you will see different people men and women waiting for thier interviews, 19 year old russian girl with her mid 30 husband to be from Germany, 29 year old woman planning to marry a 68 y.o. widower, 40 year old divorced Russian lady and future 48 year old husband also divorced, with 2 kids. The bottom line is… age may be a big factor, so you might want to consider it in your decision making process.