Russian Women desperate to marry western men and move abroad

This myth began as a rant started by feminists to defend their pride against the tide of Western men who are looking for women abroad, painting the men as desperate losers and the foreign women as conniving users who want a green card. The media further perpetuated it to appease these feminists, whom are the main audience for their advertisers. Besides this, our media's other purpose is to motivate you to get up and go to work or school everyday to keep our economy/society productive. One of the ways of doing this is to make you think that other people are worse off than you and would give anything to be in your shoes. And of course, bad news sells better for the media and its advertisers, since people like to believe that others are worse off than they are and would give anything to be in their shoes, to keep themselves motivated in their current situation in life.

In fact, the percentage of the female population in Russia who belong to marriage agencies is far less than one percent of the populationand it is rare to find a russian woman who has a SOLE purpose of moving abroad.