Young Russian women

for so long so many single american men believed that all young Russian women are ready to accept a large age gap with a guy they are considering for marriage, that most young Russian women will accept a huge age gap (30-40 years) because they search for a "serious, mature, established" man.

Do not read women's ads on marriage agency sites, visit the dating site LuckyLovers and browse Russia women ads or Ukraine women profiles, you will see that most women from Russia and Ukraine are looking for men not more than 5 to 10 years older than themselves, some are ready to accept 15, max 20 years difference.

many women in FSU confirm the 5 to 10 year age gap is the true reality. On occasion an older man and a younger woman fall in love and nothing wrong about that. But in fact, they are truly not seeking much older men.

On many websites where the ladies are posted it is not the ladies themselves posting such large age gaps. This is the business end. Most Men searching for a Russian woman are older.

And marriage agencies use the young good looking ladies to bait the Men. If they did not put the large age gap as you see often (a 20 year old girl looking for a husband anywhere between 50 and 60 y.o.) Men would not pay to write.

Online Russian dating / marriage / matchmaking is a serious business and the agencies will do what it takes to get the money. They have to have their customers age fit into the ladies profile no matter what kind of man a woman is really looking for.

Men see sexy young beautiful women who seek soulmate and life partner sometimes 3 times their age and they max their credit cards to buy email addresses or send love letters.

5 to 10 years is the real number, 15-20 rare, but it happens - the rest is nothing more then a business you should clearly avoid.