fat russian women

In our society, nowadays, it is usually the thin and beautiful figures of russian women that attract the most attention from western men. Just take a look at all those girlie magazines! But there is still a large percentage of men who are attracted to fat (overweight) russian women, some would not admit to it or are in the denial stage but some are openly dating these women.

What do we mean by fat? overweight, heavy, stout, plump and large or even extra large. Why do some men get attracted to this type of women? Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Huggable. Some men say that they would rather go for the huggable and rotund figures of a russian woman than the lanky and gangly body of thin model. they say can hug a fat woman tighter and would not be afraid of breaking any bone.

2. Jolly. Most fat russian women are quite jolly or happy people because they can laugh at or make fun of themselves.

3. Confident. Some fat russian women have full of confidence because they carry themselves well and can even flaunt their voluptuous figures.

4. Hot. Some men do find fat russian women HOT! Men find them hot because of their positive attitude. Fat or obese women admire their looks and exude a lot of self-esteem such that some men just find them alluring. Isn't it that one of the rules of attraction is that of having the right attitude?

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