russian woman married to a man from Egypt

Do you really know who you're doing business with? Do You Know his background, Do you really know if your relationship on love or scam, Do you know the Egyptian Family Law and the wife rights?

story of a russian woman married to a man from Egypt:

I'm Christian and he is Muslim. He believes what he's been taught about Islam (way of life and traditional/religious practices), but has not done much research of his own... We have been together since 2001 (before the terror attacks) and married since 2003. His family is very religious and they all live in Egypt. His mother has been to visit twice since we've been together (at our expense).

Financially, I have been supporting us 100%-75% since mid 2002 and he's gotten lazy and has not had a real job since early 2002. I think the only way he would be motivated to succeed in something is for me to quit my job. But I do not want to do this b/c he doesn't have a college degree or trade (mainly retail experience).

I can not remember a series of perfect moments in our relationship. It seems it has been one trail after another. First battling his previously hidden addictions to heavy alcohol and imported tobacco and then supporting and investing in his slothful entrepreneurial experiments. I even broke it off with him several times before...but felt bad b/c he was so needy and I was a bit lonely. Even now, I found myself lost and unsure at times...falling in and out of love at moments. I guess suppressed anger is a dark cloud that rains down on me at times. Often, I am unhappy

The specific dilemma...his family knows he doesn't support our household, but they expect and demand money at times. They live a lavish life style compared to the live we struggle (I work hard) for daily. And we don't even get to enjoy it fully. I tried to educate his mother about some of America's social economics b/c they believe that all Americans are rich and money comes very easy and that poverty does not exist here. This upsets me. I don't know what to do about them always asking or looking for money from our household.

not necessary your marriage with a man from Egypt will end up the same way, but the difference in mentality and culture could be a serious barrier, do your research!


skinny women

A study of a French research scientist revealed that Austrian girls are one of the most slender ones in Europe. Only girls from France and Italy are slimmer. French girls have a body mass index of 23,2 and are the winners of the analyis.

The results were published in the new issue of the professional journal called “Population & Societes”. Russian, German, Danes , and Luxembourgers can be found behind the Austrian ladies. Women from those countries have a body mass index of 24.


British girls have the highest body mass index, and occupied the last place. Their body mass index (26,2) is even higher as the one from British men (26).

Also girls from the Netherlands and Greece are one of the most corpulent females in Europe. The most plump men can be found in Greece and Finland. Their body mass index is over 26.Interesting detail of the survey: Austrian girls are more satisfied with their weight as the more slender girls from France.

The body mass index is weight divided by the squared body height. Example: body height is 170 cm and weight is 90 kg (90/(1,70 x 1,70) = 31).


Famous Russian Women

Anna Pavlova, great Russian dancer

by Eliza Minden

"Leave acrobatics to others, Anna...It is positively more than I can bear to see the pressure such steps put upon your delicate muscles and the arch of your foot...I beg you never to try again to imitate those who are physically stronger than you. You must realize that your daintiness and fragility are your greatest assets. You should always do the kind of dancing which brings out your own rare qualities instead of trying to win praise by mere acrobatic tricks."

Thus was young Anna Pavlova admonished by her teacher, Pavel Gerdt.1 She followed this good advice and became a legend - indisputably one of the great ballerinas of the twentieth century and also one of ballet's most influential ambassadors. Pavlova's emotional, expressive, ecstatic style thrilled audiences all over the world, despite its lack of showy, virtuosic technique. In fact Pavlova didn't have a lot of technique; her famous feet were actually quite weak. But she had passion, a complete commitment to her art and the power to communicate through movement.

At a time when fouettes were fashionable but Romanticism was not, when strong, meaty Italian ballerinas were favored and thin, dainty Russian girls weren't, Pavlova resurrected the ethereal, delicate qualities of the Romantic ballerina and combined them with her enormously expressive style. Then she took it on the road. No dancer, before or since, traveled as extensively: 350,000 miles in fifteen years - and this was long before people used airplanes for traveling. She introduced ballet to remote crevices of the world and inspired balletomania thousands of miles from her native Russia. Sir Frederick Ashton, the brilliant choreographer and director of England's Royal Ballet, became a dancer because he was smitten by the performances he saw Pavlova give when he was a boy - in Lima, Peru.2

Anna Pavlova was born on January 31, 1881 in a suburb of St. Petersburg. Her mother took little Anna to a performance of The Sleeping Beauty at the Maryinsky Theatre (home of the Kirov Ballet) and the child resolved that some day she herself would be the beautiful Princess Aurora. She had to wait several years before the Imperial School of the Maryinsky Ballet would accept her, and even then her weak feet, poor turn-out, scrawny body and bad placement made her ballet career seem dubious. Pavlova was also said to be shy, unsociable, introverted and therefore without many friends.3

She graduated form the Maryinsky School not long after the invasion of the virtuoso Italian ballerinas - Legnani, Zucchi et al. had mastered multiple fouettes and other technical "tricks" that diminished the public's desire for lyrical Romanticism and created a demand for the muscular Italian style. Pavlova hadn't the strength for it; her delicate, highly arched feet were too weak for the flamboyant pointework coming into vogue.

But ultimately Pavlova made such a virtue of her over-arched feet that critics said they represented the yearnings of the Russian soul.4 She cleverly devised a shank and platform for her pointe shoes that conserved her energy and let her balance in arabesque until the audience was breathless. She took advantage of what she did have: extension, ballon, a pliable torso, feminine delicacy, tremendous expressiveness and she worked extremely hard, studying with Gerdt, Christian Johannsen, Nicholas Legat, Catarina Beretta and the great Petipa himself. In the end she triumphed.

Pavlova excelled in the repertory at the Maryinsky, especially in La Bayadere, Giselle, Le Corsaire and Don Quixote but dancing the choreography of Mikhail Fokine is what made her immortal. Les Sylphides (also known as Chopiniana), showcased Pavlova's exquisite Romantic-style lyricism. The Dying Swan went even further. Quickly choreographed as a piece d' occasion, The Dying Swan is technically just a matter or bourres and highly stylized port-de-bras meant to evoke the last moments in the life of a swan. The dancer, alone on stage in her spotlight, bourres forward and back, torso bending expressively, arms extended in a non-stop, soft-elbowed bird-like fluttering until she gracefully expires - usually in a seated pose with one leg outstretched and her upper body bent over it. The Dying Swan is an easy target for satire - campy, sentimental, even melodramatic - but when done well it has the power to be very moving.

By 1907 Pavlova had become a star at the Maryinsky, but that was just the prelude. Her need for artistic independence, the freedom to pursue her very individual style and to dance new and different work, as well as her need to have the spotlight all to herself led her to a solo touring career that lasted twenty years and took her all over the world. She danced with Diaghilev's Ballets Russes but not for long. She may have had doubts that the company could succeed, she may have been unable to bear Diaghilev's notorious authoritarianism or she may have hated sharing the glory with the famous Nijinsky, the male star of the troupe.5

She lived most of her life on trains and in hotels. Toward the end she had to compromise by cutting difficult sections and performing only the less demanding pieces. One of her methods for conserving stamina was to modify her pointe shoe to make it easier to balance. It was considered cheating at the time, but actually it was the first modern pointe shoe and no ballerina today would even attempt toe-work without its equivalent. Pavlova took soft pointe shoes that were too big, inserted a piece of leather under the metatarsal for support and pounded down the platform to make it bigger and flatter. She would then darn it so it would hold its shape. However, the always image-conscious Pavlova wanted to appear as if daintily dancing on only the tiniest little pointed tip of a slipper, so she scrupulously retouched all photographs of herself to remove the broad platform of the shoe.

In 1931 she contracted pleurisy. Doctors could have saved her life with an operation that would have damaged her ribs and left her unable to perform. Pavlova chose to die rather than give up dancing. As she lay dying she is reported to have opened her eyes, raised her hand and uttered these last words: "Get my swan costume ready."6

A few days later, at show time at the theater where she was to have performed The Dying Swan, the house lights dimmed, the curtain rose, and while the orchestra played Saint-Saens familiar score, a spotlight moved around the empty stage as if searching in the places where Pavlova would have been.

In her own words: "What exactly is success? For me it is to be found not in applause, but in the satisfaction of feeling that one is realizing one's ideal. When, a small child rambling over there by the fir trees, I thought that success spelled happiness. I was wrong. Happiness is like a butterfly which appears and delights us for one brief moment, but soon flits away."7


Australians consider Russian Women

Sean and Elena Durkin were married on January 8. Sean, a 41-year-old programmer from Sydney, was divorced with three children. "I found it hard to meet suitable women in Australia. The women I met were either really self-centered and they weren't family focused or they were already married."

Thirty-three-year-old Elena was divorced, with an 11-year-old son, living in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. "It's a Muslim area so there were not so many men I could meet there," she says.

Durkin started writing to women in Russia three years ago and even went overseas to visit several, before writing to Elena. "I'd been writing to Elena for about seven months until I went to visit her in Uzbekistan in June 2003. When we met, I knew right away that she was the right person for me. After that, we wrote daily and I went back again in December 2003."

Durkin found out later that at the same time there was another Sydney programmer in Tashkent meeting another Elena. "I think we were the only Australians to visit Uzbekistan in years." The couples have since met in Sydney and the two Elenas have become close friends.

It was a difficult exercise, Durkin says. "If you fall in love with someone from the former USSR and you want to marry, it's a nightmare. It takes two months just to get all the paperwork together and then you have to apply and wait for processing."

Elena and her son finally arrived in October 2004.

Durkin recommends that any Australian man sick of the local dating scene consider a Russian woman bride. "Ladies from the former USSR are looking for reliability, kindness and gentility in a man."

and what about Australian women - are Australian women commitment-shy? Perhaps that would explain the lure of Russian women?

Durkin fell silent. "If I knew the answer to that," he said eventually, "I wouldn't be married to a Russian woman."


beautiful Russian girl found her true love

I am already typing but still thinking what to start my story with…
I had been divorced for about 5 years. At that time the feeling of loneliness was too strong. The only thing left from my marriage was a photo album and something else…the feeling of sadness first, that I gave my best years to a person with whom I had nothing in common, second that I’m still loosing joy of this life being alone.
One year passed from that time full of so called “independence”. I dated a little bit…all at local coffee shops so that I would be safe, to figure out whether this someone whom I would be ready to start my new life with, whether this one with whom I would be interested in. But I was unlucky…

Some not long-lasting love affairs and a routine life made me to lose any belief that everything might change for better and I would meet the right person. But it’s a nature of woman to live for somebody. We can’t life just for ourselves. I still believed that everything will be ok in my life, everything will be…soon. My girl friends were spending their holiday abroad in Europe. They told me to try to find some western guy. “Ok, I was looking for a soul mate just in my area for a long time. But I failed. There might be someone abroad who can understand me." Frankly speaking I didn’t believe into internet relationships, I was pretty skeptical about online commitments. But I tried. And that changed my life upside down.

Yes, I found my loving man on luckylovers dating site . One summer day in 2005 I received a response to the profile that I placed on this wonderful dating site. He was really handsome western guy, and he was calling me beautiful Russian girl. He seemed to be gentle, joyful, very nice person. All our letters showed that we had a lot of a common. When I heard his voice first time by phone, I've got a feeling that I've known him for years. His voice was so dear and warm.

So it was right the time for us to meet each other. We agreed to spend this summer vocation together. One month later we met in Turkey during our vacation. There we had the most wonderful days in our lives. We liked each other very much, and the feeling of the first touch was wonderful. I really liked him a lot. He was so kind and such a gentlemen! I wish we could stop the time of our happiness forever. We were sad – because it was impossible. We are going to meet again, and we are impatient. This small experience of being together showed that we want to live together. It doesn't matter to me where we met and where to live. I just want to be with him since I love him very much and we will be the happiest couple!
Now I realize – the faith is a big thing. We are doing strong and we are so much in love.


Famous Russian Women

Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great (1729-96), empress of Russia (1762-96), the second of that name, who continued the process of Westernization begun by Peter the Great and made Russia a European power. Originally named Sophie Fredericke Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst, Catherine was born in Stettin (now Szczecin, Poland) on May 2, 1729, the daughter of a minor German prince. In 1745, she married Grand Duke Peter of Holstein, heir to the Russian throne. The marriage was an unhappy one, but the intelligent and ambitious Catherine soon managed to build up a circle of supporters in Saint Petersburg. In 1754 she gave birth to a son, the future emperor Paul. Catherine's husband succeeded to the throne as Peter III in 1762. Erratic, unstable, and contemptuous of his Russian subjects, he soon alienated several important groups in Russian society. On July 9, 1762, following a pattern well established in 18th-century Russia, the Imperial Guards overthrew him and placed Catherine on the throne in his stead.

Catherine and the Enlightenment Catherine was well acquainted with the literature of the French Enlightenment, which was an important influence on her own political thinking. She corresponded extensively with Voltaire and Denis Diderot, gave financial support to them and a number of other French writers, and played host to Diderot at her court in 1773. Although this activity was partly aimed at creating a favorable image in Western Europe, she was probably sincere in her interest and her hope to apply some of the ideas of the Enlightenment to rationalize and reform the administration of the Russian Empire. Despite her interest in legal reform, however, the commission she appointed for that purpose in 1767 failed to accomplish its goals. Among Catherine's more benevolent achievements were the foundation of the first Russian schools for girls and of a medical college to provide health care for her subjects. In the early years of her reign, Catherine sought to win the support of the Russian gentry, and, in particular, of a small group of nobles. She confirmed Peter III's emancipation of the gentry from compulsory military service, granted them many other privileges, and showered her supporters with titles, offices, state lands, and serfs to work their fields. Thus, despite a professed abhorrence for serfdom, she did much to expand that institution by transferring state-owned serfs to private landowners, extending serfdom to newly acquired territories, and greatly increasing the legal control of the gentry over their serfs.

Later Conservatism Peasant unrest culminated in a great revolt (1773-75), led by the cossack Yemelyan Pugachov, that raged over much of the Volga River Basin and the Urals before it was finally crushed by military force. The revolt marked a turn toward a more reactionary internal policy. The cossack army was disbanded, and other cossacks were granted special privileges in an effort to transform them into loyal supporters of the autocracy. In 1775 a major reform of provincial administration was undertaken in an effort to ensure better control of the empire. A major reform of urban administration was also promulgated. The French Revolution increased Catherine's hostility toward liberal ideas. Several outspoken critics of serfdom such as Nikolay I. Novikov and Aleksandr N. Radishchev, were imprisoned, and Catherine seems to have been planning to join a European coalition against France when she died on November 17, 1796, in St. Petersburg. Under Catherine, the territory of the Russian Empire was greatly expanded. As a result of two wars against the Ottoman Empire (1768-74 and 1787-91) and the annexation of the Crimea (1783), Russia gained control of the northern coast of the Black Sea. Russian control over Poland-Lithuania was also greatly extended, culminating in the annexation of large tracts of territory in the three partitions of Poland (1772, 1793, 1795).

Character of the Reign One characteristic of Catherine's reign was the important role played by her lovers, or favorites. Ten men occupied this semiofficial position, and at least two, Grigory Orlov and Grigory Potemkin, were important in formulating foreign and domestic policy. Although assessments of Catherine vary, she undoubtedly played a key role in the development of Russia as a modern state.

American women vs Russian women

Tyra Banks, some kind of talk show host, does a show on international marriages entitled "I Bought My Bride". She goes over the top, like famous man-hating kneejerk feminist Bonnie Erbe, and grossly denigrates the Russian women and the American men she invites on the show, asking rude questions and even rolling her eyes in disgust at some of their sincere responses to her.

Then, the aftermath. Apparently she grossly misjudged the sentiments of her audlence, which seems to be mostly married women judging from hundreds of angry posts running about 40:1 against her for her rude, dismissive treatment of her guests.

A Revealing Look At the Mail Order Bride Industry

Would you agree to leave your country and marry a man you’ve never met face-to-face? Tyra met couples that have given up on traditional methods of dating and turned to the world of international dating services to find their mates! What are your thoughts on this dating alternative?

[from a Russian woman]
I liked today's show. I am also Russian, and I am married to an American guy. The fact is(and you, american women should take it to consideration)that YOU are MATERIALISTIC AND MONEY HUNGRY, ALSO FRIKIN' JEALOUS OF US, RUSSIAN GIRLS! I did not stay here because my country sucks, but because of my husband. If it was not for him, I would return home.I LOVE MY COUNTRY! We went to Russia together many times, he loved it very much. He said that Russian women are better, because we are not as materialistic as you guys. So, girls, change yourself, or ALL our girls are going to take over. You are just jealous of us, cos we are THE HOTTEST WOMEN ON EARTH, EVEN MY HUSBAND SAYS THAT.

[from a Hungarian woman]
I'm REALLY disappointed in you Tyra!I am sick and tired of americans think that everyone just dieing to come to this country, becouse we are "unfortunate,poor,lower level"citizens of other countries.What is the "american dream" anyway?Ther is no such thing!Is that so hard to understand that women of other countries are looking for love and NOT money?Just becouse that's what is important to you , don't speak for other women!!Why do you think you have the right to embarrass those women and call them "mail-ordered brides"??I believe if guys try to find their brides overseas there is a reason for that.And not only sick reasons.Women in this country should do a reality check.I've been in this country for 6 years now and have never met a woman, who didn't think the size of their engagement ring wasn't more important than anything else.Poor guys don't even have chance if they don't drive an expensive car etc.I met my husband(he is american, I am PROUD to be hungarian) here after I'd been here for over 3 years already.After 1.5 years he'd proposed to me.We've been married for over 2 years now.I've never been happier!!Believe it or not my husband had told me after months of dating,he had really thought about going over to Europe and see how the girls are there, becouse he got tired of superficial, materialistic american girls.If you don't want us to "steal"your men,maybe you should put love,respect,family etc values before money. Really Tyra you should feel ashamed of yourself!I loved your shows, but after today I think you have one less viewer and fan.Let me say I'm sorry for all Russian women for being treated that way on national television.

[from a Polish woman]
So why go over seas? Why met at the supermarket? why met at church? why met at school? why marry a childhood sweatheart? one looks for love. Is it about control? My ex would say no, then again don't ask my ex- she always disagreed with me, even if I agreed with her-
It's just another place to meet women, or women meet men. As for me, I'm shy, I like accents and this is terrifying, going to a country you can not read or write, some perfer to fall in love at a parachute jump, others go to a foreign country.

[from an American woman]
This is actually my first time posting and I'm sorry to say that the only thing that drew me to your site so quickly was your vulgar show on mail-order brides. Yes some take advantage of the situation, Yes some are in just for money, Yes some are fakes BUT AMERICAN WOMEN DO THE SAME AS WELL. Some of these women see a new life with a great education and opportunity , some see love and adore these men because they can save them. You know Russia is tough and some1 giving them and opportunity to come to America and have a better life can make them fall in love just by that alone. Honestly i love your show, Americas next top model ... watch it all the time but that was an all time low for you. American women are gold diggers as well. Today you betrayed Russian women and you betrayed many of your fans. You always speak of powerful and independent women. Today you were no better than the abusive men all over America. You did in an hour show what many abusive men do over a period of time. You lost another fan Tyra I'm sorry many women will never look at you the same

[from an American woman]
Tyra, I don't know if you read these postings or not, I at least hope somebody does. Todays show disgusted me, which is a first. I was not offended by the topic but more by Tyra's behavior. Personal judgmental feelings by Tyra were apparent. I was horrified for the women and the men that had to endure your show today. Tyra's attitude was crude and personally ugly.Be-littling the men and degrading the women was immature and beyond rude no matter the topic. For the first time I stopped watching the show. I rarely get to catch your show because I am running around but the few times I do I enjoy them. This was horrible. On a side note two other neighbors all stated the same reaction. Offensive and unprofessional today Tyra. Think about if you can keep your personal opinions and feelings in check next time before you cover an issue you can't keep yourself in line about in front of the world. The world already has judges.

[from an American woman]
Re: mail order brides...you implied today that men look to mail order brides since U.S. women are more "advanced" than foreign women because of feminism. You should remember that a woman's choice to work or stay at home for her sake and her family's is her CHOICE. It doesn't mean that she is uneducated or controlled by her husband or has no sense of self. The ability to make THAT CHOICE was the point of the "Feminist Movement," not to FORCE all mothers to work and then have their own children raised by strangers in daycare/etc. Another point of feminism was to educate so that all women can make personal choices with their life without JUDGEMENT by other women LIKE YOU. Adjust your attitude, Tyra!

[from russian woman]
to barbara and tyra,
i think you need to be informed that we "mail order brides" although we don't like being called mail order brides are not really bought by our husbands as you think.yes they paid some amount of money to be a member of some matchmaking websites but it's just like paying a monthly bill to have access on the telephone.they pay to have access on the website.no one owns us and nowhere did they pay to have us.we spent a lot of time talking on the phone and chatting on the internet.seeing each other on the webcam just to know each other and build our relationship.you don't know what american-couple have been through so you don't have the right to judge us.we are far more happier couples than a lot of american couples who are jumping from one marriage to another without thinking the effects to their children.

[from Ukrainian woman]

I am diaspora Ukrainian now married to a Ukrainian man for 15 years. I lived in Russia and Ukraine for 10 years. If you think American women are tough, you know nothing about Russian or Ukrainian women. Divorce rates are as high, or higher in these countries than in the US. MOB sites will cite the high rate of alcoholism as the major factor when in fact, it is much more complex, and in that society, nobody believes marriage is something to be worked at. Promiscuity is rampant and prostitution and stripping are viewed as ordinary work. Those are the "family values" you will encounter if you live abroad for any period.


blonde russian women

Why do so many men prefer blonde russian women? Different people have different preferences. Some people prefer blondes and some others prefer brunettes. There is no general rule really.

For example it is a fact women with blonde hair try to convince everyone being blonde means they have more fun. Brunette women, however, protest it is they who have more fun than blondes and they also add the fact that they are more intelligent.

What seems to be true is that blonds and brunettes should wear differently in order to be attractive to most people. A lot of people believe that blondes look good on black and brunettes look good on color clothes.

Certain clothes and colors can really draw attention to blondes and look really striking. However blondes definitely do have to be careful with what they wear because it can look really trashy. Brunettes should always have colour in their outfits. However, as long as they keep dark, dull colors to a minimum then we’ll always look stunning and vibrant.

On other hand the following scientific article suggests that blondes ARE actually more attractive.


The above article is written by 2 PhD's. and it states that despite having different cultures human nature has something in common. Meaning that we all share some stuff with one another.

This study shows that women in Italy in 16th and 15th century were dying their hairs blondes. So do women in Iran who have very little access to western media. This does not seem to be a coincidence.

Men prefer young women in part because they tend to be healthier than older women. One accurate indicator of health is physical attractiveness; another is hair. Healthy women have lustrous, shiny hair, whereas the hair of sickly people loses its luster. Because hair grows slowly, shoulder-length hair reveals several years of a woman's health status.

Blond hair is unique in that it changes dramatically with age. Typically, young girls with light blond hair become women with brown hair. Thus, men who prefer to mate with blond women are unconsciously attempting to mate with younger (and hence, on average, healthier and more fecund) women. It is no coincidence that blond hair evolved in Scandinavia and northern Europe, probably as an alternative means for women to advertise their youth, as their bodies were concealed under heavy clothing.

The irony is that none of the above is true any longer. Through face-lifts, wigs, liposuction, surgical breast augmentation, hair dye, and color contact lenses, any woman, regardless of age, can have many of the key features that define ideal female beauty. And men fall for them. Men can cognitively understand that many blond women with firm, large breasts are not actually 15 years old, but they still find them attractive because their evolved psychological mechanisms are fooled by modern inventions that did not exist in the ancestral environment.


Russian Women in USA ?

So many American men prefer to go to Russia to meet russian women, while why go to Russia when some already here? lots of russian women in USA are very beautiful, educated and intelligent. So why to go through all the hassle of going over there to meet them? A lot of russian women are already in USA on work visas or student visas. Are these russian women too Americanized and men ready to spend thousands of dollars to travel to Russia to find a "real thing" ?