russian woman married to a man from Egypt

Do you really know who you're doing business with? Do You Know his background, Do you really know if your relationship on love or scam, Do you know the Egyptian Family Law and the wife rights?

story of a russian woman married to a man from Egypt:

I'm Christian and he is Muslim. He believes what he's been taught about Islam (way of life and traditional/religious practices), but has not done much research of his own... We have been together since 2001 (before the terror attacks) and married since 2003. His family is very religious and they all live in Egypt. His mother has been to visit twice since we've been together (at our expense).

Financially, I have been supporting us 100%-75% since mid 2002 and he's gotten lazy and has not had a real job since early 2002. I think the only way he would be motivated to succeed in something is for me to quit my job. But I do not want to do this b/c he doesn't have a college degree or trade (mainly retail experience).

I can not remember a series of perfect moments in our relationship. It seems it has been one trail after another. First battling his previously hidden addictions to heavy alcohol and imported tobacco and then supporting and investing in his slothful entrepreneurial experiments. I even broke it off with him several times before...but felt bad b/c he was so needy and I was a bit lonely. Even now, I found myself lost and unsure at times...falling in and out of love at moments. I guess suppressed anger is a dark cloud that rains down on me at times. Often, I am unhappy

The specific dilemma...his family knows he doesn't support our household, but they expect and demand money at times. They live a lavish life style compared to the live we struggle (I work hard) for daily. And we don't even get to enjoy it fully. I tried to educate his mother about some of America's social economics b/c they believe that all Americans are rich and money comes very easy and that poverty does not exist here. This upsets me. I don't know what to do about them always asking or looking for money from our household.

not necessary your marriage with a man from Egypt will end up the same way, but the difference in mentality and culture could be a serious barrier, do your research!