skinny women

A study of a French research scientist revealed that Austrian girls are one of the most slender ones in Europe. Only girls from France and Italy are slimmer. French girls have a body mass index of 23,2 and are the winners of the analyis.

The results were published in the new issue of the professional journal called “Population & Societes”. Russian, German, Danes , and Luxembourgers can be found behind the Austrian ladies. Women from those countries have a body mass index of 24.


British girls have the highest body mass index, and occupied the last place. Their body mass index (26,2) is even higher as the one from British men (26).

Also girls from the Netherlands and Greece are one of the most corpulent females in Europe. The most plump men can be found in Greece and Finland. Their body mass index is over 26.Interesting detail of the survey: Austrian girls are more satisfied with their weight as the more slender girls from France.

The body mass index is weight divided by the squared body height. Example: body height is 170 cm and weight is 90 kg (90/(1,70 x 1,70) = 31).