do russian women hate America?

opinion of two russian women below reflects opinion of many:

1 Elena, Moscow, Russia : I think that Russians have a lot of sympathy for American people and when I travel to the States, I see all the time that it's a mutual feeling. There's a lot of great things about the U.S. as a country. Our countries have a lot of potential for partnership.
But we do not like to be surrounded by the NATO bases, and neither do we like to be provoked into conflicts, something that myopic Bush administration is known for doing and guiding our countries back into Cold War. Hope the new administration will be smarter and easier to work with.

2. Matasha, Samara, Russia: We think you are just people like us and have nothing to do with your Government. I personally don't like that the politicians are trying to expand NATO and build the Missile defense system around Russia. I feel it's very threatening to us, but I think that the majority of Americans are very nice people and have very much in common with Russians. It is sad that dirty politicians who are ruling the world are trying to make enemies of us.

do you hate America?