internet dating

So Masha and I met online through this internet dating site. I saw her first and made a request. Nothing special just normal and frank words: I like you. She responded at the same day and day after day, our relationship developed over the months. At first we became good friends with each other, shared our thoughts and ideas in the moments of loneliness. She loved my aussie humour and thanks God she was so quick-witted and it was addictive! She has broken serious relationship not far ago and did not want to start again at least so soon. She was also learning to use the net and we had great fun teaching and learning these all.

But then it happened that we became very much in love with each other. Understanding of this came nearly after six months and simultaneously. In November I flew to Minsk, Belarus to meet the woman I had fallen in love with and we spent wonderful week experiencing life together. I returned again in three months for another two weeks with Masha. At that time we both knew we were right to each other and spent these days going out more, getting know her friends and relatives. The only problem was with her mother, she could not believe this was everything for real and she thought I was just playing around. It appeared later that Masha did not tell her about our first meeting, because she knew the reaction. Actually that was the worst in our dating experience but later we’ve managed to overcome her mom unwillingness to let her daughter go somewhere who knows where. I’ll be a bit ahead and tell you that now she is my great friend and always is on my side on our little arguments.
It takes a lot to bring Masha to Australia but at last she saw her new home and her new land. During this period we knew we had to be together for all our lives. It was really hot day, that day I asked her to marry me and she accepted my proposal. We married in church in Belarus, and so here we are, me, Jeff from Australia and my Belarusian girl, Masha, more than a year passed when we met online and everything still going on exactly the same as it was during our first meeting.

Internet dating is a very different way to get to know someone but I feel this has been the best thing we could have done for all of us. It’s like anything if you have to work hard for it you seem to appreciate it more! Internet dating gave us this opportunity and we appreciate it so much! Jeff and Masha.