Genuine Intimacy

Americans denote the stage of Genuine Intimacy in a relationship by loss of toilet shyness. In Russian mentality, this would mean “the beginning of the end”. Russian women associate romance at least in the initial stage with certain idealization and self-discipline, aimed to let not familiarity breed contempt.

Russian .. Ukrainian women don’t specify what they are going to do when they leave for a maintenance outage, and furthermore – they commit to spare others from hearing or guessing discharge / emission to happen… even from seeing the traces of life processes on each other’s underwear.

there is one anecdotal story of american guy who came to Kiev to meet his bride for the first time :

Him: “I’ve fallen in love with my wife after our first date, for her big, sparkling, mysteriously tragic eyes of a baby doe.”

Her: “I’ll never forget our first date. It was long and absorbing; so, through all the time we were standing by my home, I nearly cried, my urinary bladder bursting.”