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russian woman love story

I am already typing but still thinking what to start my story with…
I had been divorced for about 5 years. At that time the feeling of loneliness was too strong. The only thing left from my marriage was a photo album and something else…the feeling of sadness first, that I gave my best years to a person with whom I had nothing in common, second that I’m still loosing joy of this life being alone.
One year passed from that time full of so called “independence”. I dated a little bit…all at local coffee shops so that I would be safe, to figure out whether this someone whom I would be ready to start my new life with, whether this one with whom I would be interested in. But I was unlucky…

Some not long-lasting love affairs and a routine life made me to lose any belief that everything might change for better and I would meet the right person. But it’s a nature of woman to live for somebody. We can’t life just for ourselves. I still believed that everything will be ok in my life, everything will be…soon. My girl friends were spending their holiday abroad in Europe. They told me to try to find some western guy. “Ok, I was looking for a soul mate just in my area for a long time. But I failed. There might be someone abroad who can understand me." Frankly speaking I didn’t believe into internet relationships, I was pretty skeptical about online commitments. But I tried. And that changed my life upside down.

Yes, I found my loving man on luckylovers dating site. One summer day in 2005 I received a response to the profile that I placed on this wonderful dating site. He was really handsome western guy, and he was calling me beautiful Russian girl. He seemed to be gentle, joyful, very nice person. All our letters showed that we had a lot of a common. When I heard his voice first time by phone, I've got a feeling that I've known him for years. His voice was so dear and warm.

So it was right the time for us to meet each other. We agreed to spend this summer vocation together. One month later we met in Turkey during our vacation. There we had the most wonderful days in our lives. We liked each other very much, and the feeling of the first touch was wonderful. I really liked him a lot. He was so kind and such a gentlemen! I wish we could stop the time of our happiness forever. We were sad – because it was impossible. We are going to meet again, and we are impatient. This small experience of being together showed that we want to live together. It doesn't matter to me where we met and where to live. I just want to be with him since I love him very much and we will be the happiest couple!
Now I realize – the faith is a big thing. We are doing strong and we are so much in love.
Alena and Gerard.