finding russian christian women

Many foreign single Christian men face the reality that meeting christian women can be quite difficult, especially when looking for russian christian women. Christian Dating Services emerged because Christian men needed a way to contact Christian women in locally and from abroad.

The internet has become an important outlet for the dating industry, including Christian dating services. Christian online dating, for some, is a great way to find love, especially if they are looking for someone that shares a devotion to faith and ideals and hopes for a similar lifestyle.

Christian dating can be a great way for single Christian girls and men who are frightened or apprehensive of the online dating experience. Because the target demographic includes people who adhere to a spiritual lifestyle, and therefore have similar morals and values, Christian online dating websites can provide a safe environment for their users.


russian dating sites

Russian Dating services have sprouted all around like mushrooms, and you can choose which service you like. There are dating services that charge you per e-mail adress of each beautiful russian bride you want to date, there are free russian dating sites, there are russian dating sites that charge you a monthly fee to access all profiles of beautiful russian women.

The internet has many uses, so much that it has become a part of our lives. We use the internet for work, for leisure and even for errands like banking. The effect of the internet on us is so immense that we also meet friends and partners through the web around the globe.


foreign women and american women

Foreign women use the pill more, sterilization less than Americans, CDC study says

Associated Press

ATLANTA — The pill is still the No. 1 contraceptive for American women, but it's even more popular in other countries, according to the first government report comparing nations.

More U.S. women, however, get their tubes tied than elsewhere, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday.

In the U.S., 16 percent of married women say they use the pill. That compares to 29 percent in the United Kingdom and more than 40 percent in the Netherlands and France.

About one in four U.S. married women opt for sterilization, also known as tubal ligation, or tube-tying. Sterilization rates were below 10 percent for most of the six countries included who collect those figures.

The patterns appear to be similar for all women, not just the married ones, said William Mosher, an author of the new report.

International comparisons are sometimes difficult because some nations only have information on married women, added Mosher, a statistician with the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.

The U.S. numbers are based on in-person interviews of more than 7,300 women of childbearing age nationwide from 2006 through 2008. The rates were compared to those of eight other industrialized countries — France, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The new report is the government's first national data on contraception use in more than five years. It found that the pill was the most used contraceptive by all women, but sterilization was a close second. About 17 percent of women say they use the pill, and nearly the same proportion said they were sterilized.

The United States has seen a variety of new contraception options for women in the last decade, including a vaginal ring and a skin patch. Though many women have tried them, fewer than 2 percent said they used one of those methods.

Contraception choices by U.S. women have remained remarkably stable for decades, Mosher said.

"We seem to be stuck in this pattern of the pill and sterilization are the leading methods," he said.

The pill was much more popular among women who have never had children — more than half of them use it. It was also more commonly used by white women and those who were more educated.

More popular among older women is sterilization.

Many Americans get their tubes tied after they have children, as a don't-have-to-worry-about-it-anymore measure, experts say. Younger women with less education more often turn to sterilization, as well.

Why is the sterilization rate in European countries so much lower?

"It may be that surgical options are less acceptable to European women, and not as promoted by European doctors," said Karin Ringheim, a senior policy adviser with the Population Reference Bureau, in an e-mail to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, the CDC report found that in the United States, the diaphragm has virtually become extinct. But the IUD, or intrauterine device, is making something of a comeback.

The IUD is a T-shaped plastic sperm-killer that a doctor inserts into a woman's uterus. IUDs fell out of favor in the 1970s, after one brand, the Dalkon Shield, was blamed for serious and sometimes deadly infections.


meet russian women online

If you are going to meet russian women online then you have to spend some time learning the secrets of online dating success.

If you are going to build some fruitful online dating relationship with some decent russian woman, who you hope will one day become your beautiful russian wife, it requires a lot of attention and care. it is not very different from growing and building a live relationship. You have to try to find russian women who are searching for the same type of relationship as you are. It is necessary to spend some time writing really good profile, which will show people that you are really interested in finding an online dating partner. If you need some serious relationships, then it has to be shown in your profile.

Regularly get in touch with your russian girlfriend. If your girlfriend is doing absolutely the same, you have to treat her time and effort with a certain respect. If she does not do the same, then it is probably the time to move on.

Of course every person has his own style of communication. it is very important to work at understanding each other. If some efforts are put in from the very beginning, it will start to feel right over some time. If both you and your russian bride feel uncomfortable with the way of communication, it could be a sign that it is time to go further.


free russian dating sites

There are some quality free russian dating sites on the Internet these days, so you choose who to trust most. Seeking soulmate who are interested in you is not easy.
Most people place their personal profile on the dating sites have a goal, finding a real woman from Russia for love and romance.

Its takes time to find someone special, do not limit yourself to one russian dating site, if you want to find the right woman, try at least 3 or 4 different russian dating services and a couple legitimate marriage agencies. Join forum and ask members on their opinion about different russian women dating sites, ignore advertising, listen to what other singles both western men and russian women have to say, then
register your profile and start communicating with beautiful russian women.
Good luck to you in your search for a perfect russian wife!



The rules of attraction might drive our initial decisions, for better or worse. But lasting relationships are about much more than what we see and smell.
Behavior plays a key role, with biology an intriguing contributing factor.
One of the oldest theories about attraction is that like begets like. It explains that eerie perception that married couples sometimes look awfully similar.

Last year, J. Philippe Rushton, a psychologist at the University of Western Ontario, looked into the relationships of people's genes. Based on a set of heritable personality traits, having similar genetics plays 34 percent of the role in friendship and mate selection, he found.
"The main theory is that some genes work well in combination with each other," Rushton told LiveScience. "If these genes evolved to work in combination, then you don't want to break that up too much for your offspring. Finding a mate with similar genes will help you ensure this."
If your spouse is genetically similar, you're more likely to have a happy marriage, for example. Child abuse rates are lower when similarity is high, and you'll also be more altruistic and willing to sacrifice more for someone who is more genetically like you, research shows.
It probably comes as little surprise people are drawn to individuals with similar attitudes and values, as psychologist Eva Klohnen at the University of Iowa found in a 2005 study of newlywed couples. These characteristics are highly visible and accessible to others and can play a role in initial attraction.
When it comes to sticking together for the long haul, researchers have shown that likeness of personality, which can take more time to realize, means more.
Comedy can also help a relationship. But the importance of humor is different for men and women, says Eric Bressler of McMaster University.
A woman is attracted to a man who makes her laugh, Bressler found in a 2005 study. A man likes a woman who laughs at his jokes.


find russian women online

Russian online dating services are popular for Western men to find Russian women. Russian women, Belarus and Ukrainian brides are becoming more and more popular these days, in America, Canada, Australia and European countries. Russian girls are famous for being faithful to their husbands, hard-working, taking good care of their children, and etc.

Russian women are beautiful and gentle, patient and respectful to the Russian traditional custom; they take a good care of their husband and children. A Russian or Ukrainian woman usually does not get divorced if she has an unfaithful husband, she always try to work it out to maintain her family and raise her children. In other words, Russian and Belarus women are pretty, honest, and faithful to their husbands.


dating russian women

Dating Russian Women can be a factual experience of a Lifetime.

Russian women were as highly educated as their male counterparts. Russian women want to be treated in an equal manner and if they feel that this is not the case they will tell that to you. Russian women are candid and they do not like to purposefully deceive. Generally it is true what they will tell you. Russian women tend to be strong on the inside but appear weak and kind fragile on the outside. Russian women have a low self-confidence but a high self-esteem while other women have just the opposite, a high self-confidence but low self-esteem. Russian women gaze into your eyes (for what feels like an infinity ) while meticulously listening to every word you say, it is a very unfamiliar situation, kind of like an investigation. Russian women are hearty and far more sincere in their daily discussion with other people, taking a real genuine interest in a two way interchange of ideas.


rules of attraction

to figure out how men pick women, scientists have measured every shape and angle of the human face, studied the symmetry of dancers, crafted formulas from the measurements of super models, and had both men and women rank attractiveness based on smelling armpit sweat.

After all this and more, the rules of attraction for the human species are still not understood.

But a short list of scientific rules for the game of love is emerging.

Symmetry equals sex

Good symmetry shows that an individual has the genetic goods to survive development, is healthy, and is a good and fertile choice for mating.

By questioning the study participants, the scientist Thornhill found that men with higher degrees of symmetry enjoy more sexual partners than men of lower symmetry.

Those hips

Body shape is of course important, too. And scientists have some numbers to prove it. Psychologist Devendra Singh of the University of Texas studied people's waist-to-hip ratio.

Women with a WHR of 0.7—indicating a waist significantly narrower than the hips—are most desirable to men.

What exactly is encoded in the hip ratio? A big fat clue to whether the person will have enough energy to care for offspring.

Where fat is deposited on the body is determined by sex hormones; testosterone in men and estrogen in women. If a woman produces the proper amount and mixture of estrogen, then her WHR will naturally fall into the desired range. The same goes for a male's testosterone.

People in the ideal hip-ratio range, regardless of weight, are less susceptible to disease such as cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes, studies have shown. Women in this range also have less difficulty conceiving.

Face it

The structure of a person's face also gives insight to fertility.

Estrogen caps bone growth in a woman's lower face and chin, making them relatively small and short, as well as the brow, allowing for her eyes to appear prominent, Thornhill explained. Men's faces are shaped by testosterone, which helps develop a larger lower face and jaw and a prominent brow.

Men and women possessing these traits are seen as attractive, Thornhill said, because they advertise reproductive health.

Thornhill also points to the booming nip-‘n'-tuck business—which is very much about improving a person's symmetry—as evidence that people find the quality attractive.

Another recent study revealed that symmetrical dancers are seen as more attractive.

Sniff this

Research reported last month found women both smell and look more attractive to men at certain times of the month.

And symmetrical men smell better.

Borrowing sweaty undershirts from a variety of men, Thornhill offered the shirts to the noses of women, asking for their impressions of the scents. Hands down, the women found the scent of a symmetrical man to be more attractive and desirable, especially if the woman was menstruating.

By now you might be wondering how much of this we're consciously aware of. The rules of attraction, it turns out, seem sometimes to play out in our subconscious.

In some cases, women in Thornhill's study reported not smelling anything on a shirt, yet still said they were attracted to it.

"We think the detection of these types of scent is way outside consciousness," Thornhill said.

A 2002 study found women prefer the scent of men with genes somewhat similar to their own over the scent of nearly genetically identical or totally dissimilar men.

But the role of pheromones in the human realm remains controversial.

Animal attraction

Pheromones clearly act as sexual attractants in the animal world. Older male elephants, for example, exude sexual prowess with a mix of chemicals the younger bulls can't muster.

Milos Novotny of the Institute of Pheromone Research at Indiana University has shown that special molecules produced by male mice can simultaneously attract females and repel, and even anger, rival males. Other studies have found similar responses throughout the animal kingdom.

Sex goes visual

Pheromones, like other scents, hitch a ride through the air on other particles, such as water droplets. They generally hover just 10 inches off the ground, however. So odds are slim they'll waft up to a human nose and fuel sudden passion at a nightclub.

Watch any construction worker whistling at a passing woman from half a block away, and you can see how visual cues can be more powerful.

Evolution played a role in this, too.

After our ancestors began to see color, a gene important in the pheromone-signaling pathway suffered a deleterious mutation, making it impossible for the scent signals to reach the brain, Zhang said. Imagine a train, leaving from Los Angeles to New York, discovers that the tracks in St. Louis are destroyed.

source : livescience


russian dating services

Thomas writes:

I went to this online personals website, which I had never used before. I was interested in corresponding with women of similar ethnic backgrounds to my own, so I clicked on Russia and read the listings of russian women who had posted information and sometimes photos.

I sent perhaps two dozen letters expressing an interest in corresponding. One woman did write back saying that I would have to go to another website and pay some money in order to get her address and saying that that was the only way I could possibly communicate with her and that sending another email would be useless because it wouldn't get to her.

I then received an email from Alice, the Director of some russian marriage agency. It seems from Alice's email that she had read my email, because she addressed me by my first name, which was not contained in my email address, since I had sent it from an alternative email address.

Alice told me that I was permitted to select only one woman from their website to correspond with. I am very troubled by both the invasion of privacy for the goal of income maximization and the hidden costs that were not known to me and the extent of which are still not known to me before I invested my time in using what is ostensibly a free CompuServe service.

I may be writing to the wrong location with my complaint, but I think what these dating serives are doing is wrong. Wrong isn't the word for it. Trading in human flesh is beyond unethical. It's barbarous. Offhand, we don't know of any remedies, unfortunately.

Read more: consumeraffairs


young russian girls marrying older guys

Looks like everyone has an opinion on this subject and it is quite easy to make a generalization. They see a young russian girl married to an older man and instantly think, "gold digger". They assume, the only way a young russian lady would chose someone older than her was because he was wealthy. How would they feel if they knew that this woman made twice as much as the man?

Younger men, not all of them, trying to avoid another generalization, but to be frank, young dudes are often quite immature, they don't have the experiences, they dont know how to treat a woman, they are not ready to settle down, life is an adventure and the perfect woman could be right around the corner.

Older men also know what it means to have had their heart broken. They've probably been married or at least engaged and gone through a lot of different relationships. They've learned what it means to be married and they are ready to give their russian brides what they want or need.


beautiful russian women ready to pay for beauty

Stores for women in Moscow or St Petersburg are full of the latest fashions and expensive goods - but for many Russians window-shopping is all they can afford at the moment.

However, as Ekaterina Drobinina found out, Russian women draw a line when it comes to their beauty. Beautiful russian women ready to pay for beauty


the most beautiful girls in the world ?

I get asked this all the time by guys everywhere I go when they hear that I’m always on the road. Surely by now I must have found that paradise where sultry babes spend all day topless on the beach, ready to trade their bodies for a cocktail and a cheap pick-up line.

In fact, guys tend to be such suckers for this fantasy that Russian scam artists send out millions of emails allegedly from hot russian or belarus girls called Tanya or Olga. Accompanied by alluring photos, the messages promise eternal friendship, physical relationships or marriage.

In realilty, the people sending out these snares are often hairy Mafioso guys in their dressing gowns who know just how to talk to the average male libido. Should they convince someone that they really have found love, an actress is employed to turn on the emotional blackmail by phone and initiate the first in a series of requests for money to arrange her visa/buy a flight ticket/pay off kidnappers or any number of absurd pretexts. Naturally, she never gets on the plane.

But can true love be found abroad?

According to the senators who sponsored the recently-enacted International Marriage Broker Regulation Act designed to protect foreign women from stealthy male American predators, some 8,000 to 12,000 U.S. men marry foreign wives each year. The divorce rate of such couples is up to three times lower than the national average and hundreds of agencies exist to introduce American men to these Russian, Colombian or Filipina beauties. I just typed ‘Russian girls’ into Google and 9 of the first 10 results turned up mail order bride or dating services.

Russian Introduction agencies can serve a valid role. The honest ones can put you in touch with women in the destination country looking for long-term relationships. They can arrange tours and help with translation and bureaucratic difficulties. Surfing around some of the sites I had to wonder about the motives of some of the women involved, however.

“My name is Ludmila and I am student of psychology. I am looking for man to care about me, care about our children and make my dream come true.”

Her script might have been a little more convincing if the accompanying video hadn’t shown her walking down a main shopping street in the Ukraine in lingerie. Other videos showed Russian student girls in bikinis, draping themselves around national monuments while they talked about their hobbies. I was somehow reminded of Miss World contestants talking about world peace. Then of course my girlfriend walked in and point blank refused to believe it was all part of my journalistic research…
Gold diggers?

So were these beautiful russian girls really looking for true love or were they just in it for the money?

Any American guy looking to marry a woman from russia or ukraine is always going to have the doubt at the back of his mind that she’s only going through the whole ordeal to get her hands on his bank account. And even if he’s too enamoured with the hobbies of his new love to think about it, the social stigma of a ‘mail order bride’ can make him the laughing stock of the community.

Thanks to the Beatles, we all know the money can’t buy you love and why else would a young woman choose to leave home and marry a stranger?

Before I left Thailand last year I found an interesting guide on the shelf of the airport bookshop that was a manual for foreign men and their Thai wives. On the left hand side of the book the text was in English and opposite the same content was written in Thai. The idea being that couples could read the book together and navigate their way through the cultural minefield which can sink mixed marriages before they get started.

Particularly enlightening was the section on money. Thai women were informed that ‘love and money are seen as separate and distinct concepts in Western society’ and that if their husbands seem stingy it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care.

The men, on the other hand, were encouraged to understand that husbands in Thailand are expected to take care of the families of their brides. It’s simply a form of gratitude for having raised the wonderful woman they have now married.

It seems that sometimes we get so caught up in looking for ulterior motives that we forget some of the basics of human nature.

Since the beginning of time marriage has had a strong economic aspect in cultures all over the world. How long ago was it in the West that a young man’s suitability was based on his "prospects" and his ability to keep his bride "in the manner to which she has become accustomed?"

Many of us announce our wealth every day in the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the places we frequent. And it’s not unreasonable to suppose that most women would prefer their partners to be reasonably solvent. Naturally, try to buy a feminist a drink and you might receive a knee to the groin but these are strange times…
Asking for trouble

Many Americans who marry foreign wives, russian and ukrainian women, asian, latin girls, do end up getting scammed, cheated or abandoned once her visa comes through but they’ve usually invited trouble on themselves.

After years of loneliness they often step right off the plane into a bar in Bangkok and start dating the first girl who approaches them. Or else they choose a woman half their age who fulfills all their fantasies but who doesn’t speak English and who sees them only as a walking wallet.

Finding love abroad is mostly about common sense. For a start, you’re unlikely to find the woman of your dreams in a bar with girls doing pole dances in the corner.

Whether in Ukraine, Russia or Thailand, respectable women with serious intentions live normal lives and it takes time to get to know them. You need to be able to speak at least some of the same language and have something in common. And if you expect her to emigrate, you might first want to live for a while in her country to appreciate what kind of culture she comes from.

And if you get to know her first on an Internet dating site, remember that no one who’s honest will ever ask you to send money upfront. Period. And if the first couple of telephone calls go well, jump on a plane and go to meet her — if you discover she has a bad drinking habit and she can’t stand your body odor … well, at least you’ll have found out in time.

Finding love abroad can be thrilling. Hell, it’s one of the things that keeps me on the road all the time.

But while the average Kazakhstan girl might be half the weight of her American counterpart, she may not be able to get your jokes and a festival like Christmas probably won’t mean anything to her. She may cook food you’re not used to and hate the weather but hey, at least you probably won’t be able to understand what your mother-in-law says.

And lastly, before you go running overseas to look for love, ask a female friend if there’s any way you could make yourself more attractive before you go. Terrible body odor, drinking before noon and an inability to listen are turn-offs to women anywhere you go.

source: consumeraffairs


Men Seeking Foreign Women Online

By Tom Glaister @ ConsumerAffairs.com

August 15, 2008

bar scene I was in an internet café in Thailand last year, trying to work out which continent I should fly to next, when my attention was entirely absorbed by an attractive Thai girl who sat down next to me and logged in. She gave me one of those Thai smiles that could mean anything at all and then concentrated on her correspondence. I was beginning to wonder if Thailand had its merits after all and couldn’t help stealing repeated glances at her.

She was totally absorbed in her online conversations with four messenger windows going at once, however, and in each of them I could see the photo of a Western guy. The youngest had to be 45 at least.

I miss you.
When you coming back?
I wait for you but I no have money for my rent.

I looked at her again and realized she was wearing too much makeup and revealing clothes for the average Thai girl. She almost certainly worked in a bar as a hostess for Western guys looking for Eastern romance and now that their holidays were over, her "boyfriends" were back home at work, dreaming of the month or two they’d spent in Thai heaven. They’d be coming back as soon as they could afford it — if their "girlfriend" didn’t drain their bank accounts dry in the meantime.

Thailand, like Brazil or the Philippines, is full of Western guys trying their luck with women half their age. With terrible dress sense that betrays the serious lack of a woman’s touch, it can be pitiful to watch them trying to mend their hearts under flashing neon signs, sharing a common vocabulary of maybe 500 words with the women they meet.

It’s not easy getting old. Along with worrying about balding, beer guts and prostate cancer, many American men suffer the flip side of the national individualistic character — they end up feeling quite alone.

As school friends move away and get married, opportunities to make new social contacts tend to diminish with age. And our modern lifestyles often dictate that we work alone in front of a computer, shop alone in a supermarket and go home alone to apartments where neighbors don’t talk to one another.

Until the Internet came along, the natural desire to meet the opposite sex did much to boost the attendance at bars and evening classes in the hope of meeting that special someone. Drinking too much beer and pretending to be interested in learning Italian were the only options left open to the millions of Americans who simply didn’t know how else to meet anyone new.
Out of the bars

photo of dating siteBut then the advent of online dating sites meant the American guy could go hunting without having to get out of his dressing gown. Unshaven and unwashed he could woo any number of women by complimenting them on their profile photo and including the right kind of charismatic emoticon in the message to show his sensitive side. It made the first step in dating safe, voyeuristic and cheaper than buying drinks all night while searching for the courage to approach the blonde on the other side of the bar.

Which explains why some 40 million American men logged onto dating sites last year.

Yet there remained the fact that most of the women on American dating sites were … well, American.

“They’ve lost their femininity!” an American expat once told me when explaining his choice to move south to Mexico. “American women these days dress like men, talk like men and call you a chauvinist if you ask them to make you a cup of coffee.”

I thought of the aggressive, sexless look of the supermodels and the passing of the days when men tipped their hats to women in the street. Then the expat's Mexican wife came in, brought us each another beer, wiped the table and went off to calm the crying children and prepare lunch.

Talk to American men who have married foreign women and 90 percent of them will have been attracted to the old-fashioned values of another culture. Dinner on the table, clean clothes in the cupboard and strong maternal instincts.

“Western women have been campaigning for equality for so long that happiness went out of the picture long ago.” another friend married to a Thai wife told me.

I initially thought this was a bit over the top until I learned that even complimenting a female co-worker can be considered grounds for sexual harassment. Have feminism and political correctness taken all the fun out of American love?

Well maybe. But there’s also the fact that, for many, exotic is erotic and there’s nothing like a foreign accent or complexion to hide the personality faults that stop domestic relationships getting off the ground.


True love

Somewhere amid attraction and sex, we all hope, are strong feelings of love. But which of all the motivations really drives us? Interestingly, brain scans in people who'd recently fallen in love reveal more activity related to love than sex. "Romantic love is one of the most powerful of all human experiences," says Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University. "It is definitely more powerful than the sex drive."

The rules of attraction make up a pretty long list. No scientist knows the order of the list. But near the top is perhaps one of the toughest characteristics to gauge in advance in the search for the perfect partner.

Despite all their differences, men and women place high value on one trait: fidelity.
Cornell University's Stephen Emlen and colleagues asked nearly 1,000 people age 18 to 24 to rank several attributes, including physical attractiveness, health, social status, ambition, and faithfulness, on a desirability scale.

People who rated themselves favorably as long-term partners were more particular about the attributes of potential mates. After fidelity, the most important attributes were physical appearance, family commitment, and wealth and status.

"Good parenting, devotion, and sexual fidelity—that's what people say they're looking for in a long-term relationship," Emlen says.


marrying a russian woman

You are looking for a russian wife, your perfect dream girl to marry, no doubts first thing you are thinking about "my russian wife will be beautiful and hot" , nothing wrong with that, but to have a real life long marriage you should remember about other important things.

The right russian woman to marry must have trust in you. A strong relationship involves trusting each other deeply. The most common areas that are a cause of crumbling marriages are money, infidelity, and in-laws. With trust, these areas can be worked out easier. A beautiful and sexy russian girl who is overly jealous is a sign of possessiveness and has a major trust issues. These signs will never disappear over time. It will actually get worse after marriage. It may fade as you get older particularly if she knows that you're not capable of making love to a woman any longer.

If your russian woman is a jealous type, she will be jealous with your own parents or relatives as well when it comes to attending holiday celebration or parties. She will control you and persuade you into going to her side of the family instead of sharing the day between your relatives and hers. Worse case scenario will be your jealous wife competing for attention with her own kids.


beautiful russian brides and much more....

it is 100% fact, majority of men are searching beautiful russian brides, at least pretty ones, nothing wrong about that, but! also try to find a russian woman you enjoy and love to spend time with. You don't have to exactly match the stuff she likes to do or vice versa, but at least, have some basic things you both love to do and have in common.

When you marry your beautiful russian bride, these things you love to do with each other will come up when you needed to spend some time off without the kids. Good communication plus compatibility with each other are the one-two punch that help push your relationship to the next level. Compatibility is one area you should focus on to find the right russian woman to marry.


do young russian women date older men?

Why so many young russian women are seeking older men for dating and marriage?

Some young women are looking for an absent father. Some young russian women are seeking out the dad they never had. They want to be protected and taken care of by someone who has a sense of authority. Older men are usually more stable financially. They have built up a career. They have probably put some money away for a rainy day or retirement. But the fact is, no one really knows why anyone picks anyone else. Love is love. A young sexy russian woman who falls for an older man might just have fallen in love. Real love happens. And most of the time, a person can't even explain why they love someone else. They just do.


Russian Women Writers

The New York Public Library:

Arbatova, Marina. Menia zovut Zhenshchina. 1997. 317 p., illus. Alma-mater (5-7172-0041-2)
A talented playwriter's collection of seven fine stories portraying the awakening self-consciousness of women in post-Glasnost' Russia.

Dubrovina, Elena. Shram na ladoni. 1996. 429 p. Olimp (5-7390-0305-9)
A detective novel about a young Russian physicist and his girlfriend whose fate has intersected with a gang of murderers.

Grekova, I. Svezho predanie. 1997. 253 p. Tekst (5-7516-0087-8)
Fictionalised life of a Jewish family in Russia seeking to preserve its capacity for love, hope, and compassion during Stalin's era. Written in the 1960s by the renowned prose writer.

Katasonova, Elena. Roman o liubvi. 1997. 558 p. Ast (5-7841-0787-9)
This book includes the title novel and two novellas by a recognized contemporary author of romance fiction.

Krakhmal'nikova, Zoia. Bezumie. 1996. 444 p. Moskovskii rabochii (5-239-01993-2)
The spiritual demands of the protagonists are in constant opposition to the Soviet totalitarian regime in this story of everyday life in Russia. The KGB prevented publication of the novel in 1982.

Palei, Marina. Mestorozhdenie vetra: povesti i rasskazy. 1998. 281 p. Limbus press (5-8370-0370-3)
A collection of three novellas and nine fine stories of various literary styles in the first book by this impressive prose writer.

Petrushevskaia, Liudmila. Dom devushek. 1998. 446 p. Vagrius (5-7027-0554-8)
Selected prose, including new works by a talented and popular contemporary writer.

Poliakova, Tat'iana. Sestrichki ne promakh. 1998. 540p. Eksmo-press, $12 (5-04-000812-0)
An adventure novel, set in an Old Russian town, about two venturesome sisters hunting for their Grandfather's hidden treasure.

Poroshina, Natal'ia. Veriu v liubov'. 1996. 494 p. Vagrius (5-7027-0372-3)
Three contemporary romantic love stories set in Russia.

Rubina, Dina. Angel konvoinyi. 1997. 350 p. Medzhibozh (5-89216-020-3)
A new collection of novellas and stories by a popular author who made her debut in the 1970s.

Sadur, Nina. Sad. 1997. 358 p. PF Poligrafist. (5-86402-044-3)
A contemporary novel infsused with the traditional Russian frame of mind about protagonists whose joy mixed with pain and their past, present and future are intermingled.

Shcherbakova, Galina. Kto smeetsia poslednim. 1998. 454 p. Eksmo-press (5-04-0005-531-8)
Two contemporary mystery novellas by a popular writer.

Snegova, Iuliia. Muzhchina iz mechty. 1997. 405 p. Eksmo (5-251-00012-x)
A contemporary Russian love story of an adventurous young woman whose fate brings her back to the man she loves.

Solov'eva, Marina. Krasivye zhenshchiny. 1997. 445 p. Bukmen (5-7848-0018-3)
A collection of novellas and stories depicting both the unhappy lives of successful men and women, and affairs with a happy ending.

Solzhenitsyn, A. Rossiia v obvale. 1998. 203 p. Russkii put', $11 (5-85887-030-7)
Essays on Russia's current affairs, social and political scenes of the past, and thoughts on the future.

Tolstaia, Tat'iana. Liubish - ne liubish: rasskazy. 1997. 381 p. Olma-press (5-89270-039-9)
A collection of fine stories by the renowned writer of the 1980s.

Ulitskaia, Liudmila. Medeia i ee deti: povesti. 1997. 334 p. Vagrius (5-7027-0338-3)
Two novellas by this original contemporary prose writer.


Beautiful and Young russian women

Beautiful and Young russian women are extra-sensitive to the signals men show when they are obviously too much in love and happy to be around. it is rather important to avoid showing even the slightest displays of neediness with young girls, girls age 18 +. it is different with ladies 30+ who have grown to value the relationship and happy to be in love and loved.


russian dating

russian dating and marriage traditions range from the rigid rules and regulations formulated in old times to the modern, no holds barred attitude of today’s youth. In the old days, in monarchy Russia men and women were pretty much kept apart until the matchmaker made an arrangement, introduced the two young people, talked with both sets of parents and set the wedding date.

in more modern times, in this great, progressive country, the idea of keeping the russian women and men they marry apart, especially during the marriage ceremony would be absurd. But, there are some traditions that remain in place even to this day. Based around the time-honored practice of motherly guilt, mothers hold sway over their sons and daughters and any good child will go out of his way to keep them happy.


finding a perfect russian woman to marry

when you are looking for a right perfect russian woman to marry, the first sign you need to zero in with her is the way she communicates with you, her openness and honesty with any given situations. Communication is the most important key into having a long and happily lasting marriage because when all else fades, communication will keep the relationship going between married couples.

Infatuation disappears, sex diminishes with age, love settles into a plateau, but communication never ends until your last breath. Avoid russian women, not that many russian women are in fact argumentative, still avoid girls who argues with you all the time, look for a bride who shares your views or opinion on the problem, and who is mostly important, willing to compromise at the end. Remember that marriage is a bond between two individuals. Decision making in a relationship must be collaborated between both of you.


Why Pretty Russian Women Marry Less Attractive Men

Pretty russian and ukrainian women seeking foreign men for marriage often choose a guy a notch below them. New research reveals couples in which the wife is better looking than her husband are more positive and supportive than other match-ups.

The reason is that men place great value on beauty, this is in fact why at the first place they seek wives from Russia, while russian women are more interested in having a supportive husband.


older russian women marrying younger foreign men

Research states, that marrying a younger foreign man increases an older woman's mortality rate. Women who are seven to nine years older than their husbands have a 20% higher mortality rate than if they were the same age.

Marriage generally improves life expectancy, but the age gap between a couple affects the life expectancy of men and women very differently. Marrying a younger foreign, russian or ukrainian woman increases improves life expectancy for an older man, for women marrying an older man shortens a woman's lifespan, but having a younger husband reduces it even more, the study found.

a man who is between seven and nine years older than his wife has an 11% lower mortality rate than a man whose wife is the same age as him. However, a woman who is between seven and nine years older than her husband has a 20% greater mortality rate than if she were with a man the same age.

The reasons for mortality differences due to the age gap of the spouses remain unclear. Some explanation may lie in the quality of friendships men and women form throughout life. Unlike the benefits of a younger wife, a younger husband wouldn't help extend the life of his older wife by taking care of her, going for a walk with her and enjoying late life together. She already has friends for that. The older man, however, doesn't.

However, married men and women both tend to live longer than unmarried individuals.


Russian Women in New York

Zaritsas: Russian Women in New York (2010)

The filmmaker Elena Beloff is a Russian woman who has lived in New York for ten years. Her film explores stereotypes of Russian women which emerged in the 1990’s, unfortunate stereotypes that arose from the media and hearsay. Elena’s method was to follow five Russian women from New York for six months interviewing each one in her environment: a rapper in a Sheepsheadbay Church, a salesperson at La Perla Madison Avenue Boutique, a model at home, a showgirl at a Brighton Beach Restaurant and an exotic dancer at Scores Strip Club. This film develops on its own as the viewer sees the stereotypes dissolve and the flesh and blood woman comes to life. Suddenly, the viewer is confronted by these several women whose experiences pose questions of spirituality and self-discovery as they come to vivid life on the New York scene.
Zaritsas: Russian Women in New York



russian women for sale

Trafficking in women from the Soviet Union has exploded since 1989, with their percentage in the international sex market matching or overtaking previous sources of supply in Asia and Latin America," (Global Survival Network, Christina Ling "Rights Activists Rap Ex-Soviet States on Sex-Trade," Reuters, 6 November 1997)

Criminal groups make an estimated $7 billion annually by trafficking in women from Russian and other former Soviet Republics (Gillian Caldwell, Global Survival Network, Reuters, 6 November 1997)

Eastern European women are sold like slaves in Israel among Russian mafia operators for £6,000 (US$10,000) to £9,000 (US$15,000). (Detective Toni Haddad of Haifa vice squad, Kevin Connolly "How Russia’s mafia is taking over Israel’s underworld." BBC, 3 April 1998)

In 1989, 378 women from the former Soviet Union entered Japan on entertainment visas. In 1995, 4,763 Russian women entered Japan on entertainer's visas. (Gillian Caldwell, Global Survival Network, Christina Ling "Rights Activists Rap Ex-Soviet States on Sex-Trade," Reuters, 6 November 1997)

Eight women from Russia between the ages of 18 and 33 have been arrested in Kota-Kinibalu, on the island of Borneo, Malaysia. Local police said the women had been detained on charges of prostitution. They were taken to custody after a raid conducted at a hotel. Three men from Malaysia suspected of hiring the women have also been arrested. Other Russian women incriminated in prostitution have been expelled from the country. ("Eight prostitutes from Russia arrested in Malaysia," ITAR/TASS, 16 August 1998)

4,500 women and children were detained at the Russian border for trying to leave illegally in 1996. Trafficking represents a threat to Russian national security because there is currently a negative birth rate amongst Russians. (Victor Ilukhin, Chairman of the State Security Committee of the Russian Duma, Parliamentary Hearings, Russian State Duma, 9-10 October 1997, Personal Communication with Kristen Hansen, CEELI attorney in Russia)

Posing as employment and travel agencies, criminal gangs promise women jobs as waitresses and barmaids overseas, but then treat them as slaves, forcing them to work as prostitutes to pay off thousand-dollar debts for their travel. Victims, typically young beautiful russian women, aged between 16 and 35, are often raped and beaten, have their passports confiscated and are threatened with harm to themselves and their families if they try to break their "contracts" or seek help. (Christina Ling, "Rights Activists Rap Ex-Soviet States on Sex-Trade" Reuters, 6 November 1997)

Russian recruiters, thought to be associated with the mafia, trafficked pregnant Russian women into the United States to adoption agencies who paid the recruiters US$15,000 for each woman. One such agency, the Special Delivery, placed 9 Russian babies with families last year. ("INS Probes Adoption Agencies Bringing Pregnant Russians to US," Associated Press, 16 April 1998)

Russian criminals are operating hundreds of brothels and striptease bars in Europe and Asia and are expanding. Bar and casino operators offer young Russian, Ukrainan and Baltic women high salaries to work in their clubs, but the women end up in near-slavery, unable to return home. Criminal groups are getting stronger and using Russia as a base for global ventures, including prostitution, drugs, currency exchange, and stealing World Bank and IMF loans. (Barbara Starr, "Former Soviet Union a playground for organized crime: A gangster’s paradise," ABC News, 14 September 1998)

25 distinct Russian organized crime groups are operating in the United States in the areas of prostitution, fraud, money laundering, murder, extortion and drug trafficking and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has approximately 250 pending investigations targeting Russian gangs in 27 states. (Barbara Starr, "Former Soviet Union a playground for organized crime: A gangster’s paradise," ABC News, 14 September 1998)

Young Russian and Ukranian women are the most valuable commodities in the sex trade. (Michael Specter, "Traffickers’ New Cargo: Naive Slavic Women," New York Times, 11 January 1998)

source : uri.edu


Russian women brides revealed

Russian women brides are often portrayed either as victims of domestic violence or as gold diggers in search of wealthy men, money and green cards. Rarely are they allowed to speak for themselves. Until now. In Dreaming of a Mail-Order Husband, six single Russian women who are in search of or have already found U.S. husbands via russian internet dating sites tell their stories.

Ericka Johnson, an American researcher of gender and technology, interviewed these women and others. The women, in their twenties and thirties, describe how they placed profiles on the Internet and what they think about their contacts with Western men. They discuss their expectations about marriage in the United States and their reasons for wishing to emigrate.

Each chapter presents one woman’s story and then links it to a discussion of gender roles, russian brides dating industry, and the severe economic and social constraints of life in Russia.


is it possible to date and marry young russian women

Many older foreign men who would like to date younger russian girls fall into the trap of fearing the age difference. His age insecurity will lead him to lean on his money or job status as attraction ploys because he won’t believe that a cute beautiful russian young woman could love him for his personality or strength of character.

The truth is that, contrary to the sugar daddy cultural message, money and a high status job are not required to attract young girls from Russia. They help, but what helps a lot more is tight game and a dominant, charming personality. Young russian women are not as practical as older women, especially not as older american or european women. Young girls are more passionate, romantic, and this means you will get more mileage having a youthful outlook, being spontaneous, maintaining a high level of energy, and focusing on the emotional connections.


free russian dating right for you?

free online russian dating websites play a certain role in developing inernet dating market, it is getting more and more popular to look for a foreign bride, russian or ukrainian women on-line hoping to find true perfect match for a serious long term relationship or a loving beautiful wife. It is quite easy and simple to find a person who is perfectly compatible with the same level of commitment to dating as you.

If you are a newbie and have not been using internet much or did not try russian dating services before, more than likely you will ask yourself a question whether to save some money and try free russian dating, or spend some money and pay for new experience. Different people have different options on the subject, one of the common views is that paid russian dating websites or marriage agencies are more professional and russian ladies who join those services are ready for commitment and relationship. They believe one will have a better chance of finding the right partner when paying than using something free.

But, not doubts, there are many russian dating websites that charge a certain amount of money every month, but still do not provide the proper type of services, they dont have enough russian women personals on their site, you join, browse profiles of 1000 beautiful russian brides, emailed a few, did not get a response and now what?
next week, they will have 20 more russian ladies listed, but what if you have no interest in those women? wait another week or month for somebody you are truly interested in to sign up?

Your success in finding your dream russian woman is in fact down to which russian dating site you choose and not obviously the price you pay.

You can always try some free russian singles site or dating service, if it does not work as you expected, you dont see many women ready to commit, you find out that majority of girls are there for a chat or have some fun, so switch, try different service and see how it goes.

If you are not in the real rush to get married to a beautiful russian woman tomorrow, then free online dating services are right for you. You will be able to get an idea what russian women are truly like, who knows in a few months you might decide to better stick to that neigbour you have been eyeing for a while.

However, if you made your mind and this is pretty much everything what you want to do is to find russian woman of your dreams and get married by the end of the year,
be ready to pay a few bucks to join a reputable legitimate russian dating site with
thousands of profiles and photos of women, the one that has hundreds of new real women joining every day and especially the one that does not charge you for emails or gives you points you use, find an agency that will charge you a flat fee per month and will give you instead access to all profiles, so you are able to email directly to all beautiful russian women you like and find one you are truly compatible with.


russian women seeking ...

Most russian women admit that they are seeking marriage to a strong man who can stand his own ground and be confident. Back in the day, this meant an egg fertilizer with blessed genetics who could hunt to feed his family while protecting them from predators.

Of course, today we live in a more civilized society. Women no longer need a mate, hunter or protector . But because of her upbringing, a woman still expects a man to provide for his family. She now expects her man to be mature and provide financial stability along with long-term security.


why russian women

Why marry russian women? Why russian women are so desired by foreign men?
Why russian women are looking for foreign men? Why american men are seeking Russian women?

A key to the great story is not who, or what, or when, but - why?

Russian women are nothing like what American women. They are smart, sophisticated, fashionable, sexy, warm, sensitive, and funny. Russian women know how to make a man happy, and it has nothing to do with being subservient. Russian women are always positive.

Russian women usually never inquire about the condition of men' finances, the exact nature of their business and how much money they money, Russian women dont care how much money a man has or his age, Russian women only care about one thing....what is in your heart.


russian wives

Russian women are well know for their beauty, but in marriage, beauty counts much less than kindness and ability to compromise. A russian wife who understands her man is a keeper and the right woman to marry. Kindness, on the other hand, goes with being able to understand how her husband feels from time to time. Being able to go out with your friends at times without getting a hassle nor receiving a guilty conscience from your russian bride is awesome. Accepting that sometimes, time with the "boys" is needed for her partner to unwind.


young russian women men who are

* well groomed, and dress appropriately for all occasions.

* know how to clean and be self-efficient with appliances other than the remote.

* have patience and polite.

* have manners, and be respectful to women.

* family-oriented and love kids.

* educated and have common sense.

* honest, dependable and sincere.

* trustworthy, loving and intelligent.

* financially stable and is employed or able to live independently.

* a caring individual, who is serious about the relationship.

* willing to devote his love and attention towards the committed relationship.

* have supportive family and friends.

* have a good attitude

* confident.

* have a good sense of humor and be attractive.

Young russian women are not looking for much, but do you know anyone who fits the description?


russian women online dating tips

Just like face-to-face dates, online dating with russian women begins with making a memorable first impression. An appealing profile will acquire you more dating prospects. The best dating profiles are unique and express the user's personality.
Easy to read, funny, not too long, not too long profile and photos with you smiling,
dressed! and groomed, will attract more attention from legitimate beautiful russian women than any other trick you might have in your sleeve.

The headline of your profile should stand out from the rest and disclose enough details to readily catch a russian woman eye. Avoid using clichés like "looking for my perfect russian woman" or "looking for the love of my life". Keep profile details short and sweet, a little bit funny. be careful with humor, English language is a second language for all russian women, and no everyone will get you, if you use to much slang or your humor is sophisticated enough only for your high school buddy to digg it. Keep your language easy to understand and translate. Stay away from being excessive in your words. You don't want to bore women with too much of unnecessary information. Remember, the profile is just an introduction to your character.

When it comes to describing yourself, don't bother applying adjectives such as beautiful good looking attractive. Your photo will say if you are pleasing or not to a woman's eye. Your mental abilities, like smart funny good listener will be seen in the chats you will have with russian ladies.


sexy russian women


Russian women were most likely to have sex every day, Czech women enjoy it most, French women claim to be most faithful, and Australian women were most willing to have sex on the first date, according to a Cosmopolitan magazine survey.

The publication surveyed readers in its 29 international editions in July and compiled results from a sample 500 questionnaires from each edition. The findings will appear in the March issues, on sale Tuesday.

The survey also found that women in Greece prefer daytime sex at almost twice the worldwide average, while Japanese women said they have sex three times a month or less.


young russian women, girls in their 20s

researches show that the majority of young and beautiful russian women who are attracted to older men seek surrogate father figures, maturity to balance their own youth and insecurity, sometimes someone with the resources and possibility to become a "sugar daddy." Many marriages between younger russian women and older american man are loving and successful.

But... couples with a 20- to 25-year age gap are a rarity; it is rather hard keep a long-term relationship when husband's and wife's goals are not even similar. Sometimes younger russian woman may expect to complete her education, build a career, it is a usual thing to hear online that russian women are so family oriented they will forget about their own job and career for the sake of husband's, which is mostly true, but not when it comes to a younger, new generation of russian girls, beautiful sexy educated and smart girls in their 20th, who are interested to explore what this world has to offer and eventually raise a family.

Older men are no longer investing time and energy into building their careers and establishing position in society.