do young russian women date older men?

Why so many young russian women are seeking older men for dating and marriage?

Some young women are looking for an absent father. Some young russian women are seeking out the dad they never had. They want to be protected and taken care of by someone who has a sense of authority. Older men are usually more stable financially. They have built up a career. They have probably put some money away for a rainy day or retirement. But the fact is, no one really knows why anyone picks anyone else. Love is love. A young sexy russian woman who falls for an older man might just have fallen in love. Real love happens. And most of the time, a person can't even explain why they love someone else. They just do.


Russian Women Writers

The New York Public Library:

Arbatova, Marina. Menia zovut Zhenshchina. 1997. 317 p., illus. Alma-mater (5-7172-0041-2)
A talented playwriter's collection of seven fine stories portraying the awakening self-consciousness of women in post-Glasnost' Russia.

Dubrovina, Elena. Shram na ladoni. 1996. 429 p. Olimp (5-7390-0305-9)
A detective novel about a young Russian physicist and his girlfriend whose fate has intersected with a gang of murderers.

Grekova, I. Svezho predanie. 1997. 253 p. Tekst (5-7516-0087-8)
Fictionalised life of a Jewish family in Russia seeking to preserve its capacity for love, hope, and compassion during Stalin's era. Written in the 1960s by the renowned prose writer.

Katasonova, Elena. Roman o liubvi. 1997. 558 p. Ast (5-7841-0787-9)
This book includes the title novel and two novellas by a recognized contemporary author of romance fiction.

Krakhmal'nikova, Zoia. Bezumie. 1996. 444 p. Moskovskii rabochii (5-239-01993-2)
The spiritual demands of the protagonists are in constant opposition to the Soviet totalitarian regime in this story of everyday life in Russia. The KGB prevented publication of the novel in 1982.

Palei, Marina. Mestorozhdenie vetra: povesti i rasskazy. 1998. 281 p. Limbus press (5-8370-0370-3)
A collection of three novellas and nine fine stories of various literary styles in the first book by this impressive prose writer.

Petrushevskaia, Liudmila. Dom devushek. 1998. 446 p. Vagrius (5-7027-0554-8)
Selected prose, including new works by a talented and popular contemporary writer.

Poliakova, Tat'iana. Sestrichki ne promakh. 1998. 540p. Eksmo-press, $12 (5-04-000812-0)
An adventure novel, set in an Old Russian town, about two venturesome sisters hunting for their Grandfather's hidden treasure.

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Three contemporary romantic love stories set in Russia.

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A new collection of novellas and stories by a popular author who made her debut in the 1970s.

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A contemporary novel infsused with the traditional Russian frame of mind about protagonists whose joy mixed with pain and their past, present and future are intermingled.

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Two contemporary mystery novellas by a popular writer.

Snegova, Iuliia. Muzhchina iz mechty. 1997. 405 p. Eksmo (5-251-00012-x)
A contemporary Russian love story of an adventurous young woman whose fate brings her back to the man she loves.

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A collection of novellas and stories depicting both the unhappy lives of successful men and women, and affairs with a happy ending.

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Essays on Russia's current affairs, social and political scenes of the past, and thoughts on the future.

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A collection of fine stories by the renowned writer of the 1980s.

Ulitskaia, Liudmila. Medeia i ee deti: povesti. 1997. 334 p. Vagrius (5-7027-0338-3)
Two novellas by this original contemporary prose writer.


Beautiful and Young russian women

Beautiful and Young russian women are extra-sensitive to the signals men show when they are obviously too much in love and happy to be around. it is rather important to avoid showing even the slightest displays of neediness with young girls, girls age 18 +. it is different with ladies 30+ who have grown to value the relationship and happy to be in love and loved.


russian dating

russian dating and marriage traditions range from the rigid rules and regulations formulated in old times to the modern, no holds barred attitude of today’s youth. In the old days, in monarchy Russia men and women were pretty much kept apart until the matchmaker made an arrangement, introduced the two young people, talked with both sets of parents and set the wedding date.

in more modern times, in this great, progressive country, the idea of keeping the russian women and men they marry apart, especially during the marriage ceremony would be absurd. But, there are some traditions that remain in place even to this day. Based around the time-honored practice of motherly guilt, mothers hold sway over their sons and daughters and any good child will go out of his way to keep them happy.