marrying a russian woman

You are looking for a russian wife, your perfect dream girl to marry, no doubts first thing you are thinking about "my russian wife will be beautiful and hot" , nothing wrong with that, but to have a real life long marriage you should remember about other important things.

The right russian woman to marry must have trust in you. A strong relationship involves trusting each other deeply. The most common areas that are a cause of crumbling marriages are money, infidelity, and in-laws. With trust, these areas can be worked out easier. A beautiful and sexy russian girl who is overly jealous is a sign of possessiveness and has a major trust issues. These signs will never disappear over time. It will actually get worse after marriage. It may fade as you get older particularly if she knows that you're not capable of making love to a woman any longer.

If your russian woman is a jealous type, she will be jealous with your own parents or relatives as well when it comes to attending holiday celebration or parties. She will control you and persuade you into going to her side of the family instead of sharing the day between your relatives and hers. Worse case scenario will be your jealous wife competing for attention with her own kids.