dating russian women

Dating Russian Women can be a factual experience of a Lifetime.

Russian women were as highly educated as their male counterparts. Russian women want to be treated in an equal manner and if they feel that this is not the case they will tell that to you. Russian women are candid and they do not like to purposefully deceive. Generally it is true what they will tell you. Russian women tend to be strong on the inside but appear weak and kind fragile on the outside. Russian women have a low self-confidence but a high self-esteem while other women have just the opposite, a high self-confidence but low self-esteem. Russian women gaze into your eyes (for what feels like an infinity ) while meticulously listening to every word you say, it is a very unfamiliar situation, kind of like an investigation. Russian women are hearty and far more sincere in their daily discussion with other people, taking a real genuine interest in a two way interchange of ideas.